REUPSpot Live: Alibi Rankz Birthday Bash Concert – Ft. Alibi Rankz, Hongree Records, T2 the Ghetto Hippie, & Tony Staxx

For this episode of REUPSpot Live, we were out at Alibi Rankz Birthday Bash & Concert at Jet Lounge. The show featured performances by: Hongree Records, T2 the Ghetto Hippie, Tony Staxx, and the man of the hour, Alibi Rankz. Sponsored by Space City Records, Optimo Radio, and

Alibi Rankz has been a supporter and friend of REUPSpot since the beginning. More importantly though, he makes great, genuine music. If you haven’t heard any of his work, make sure you check it out. Immediately.

Moving on. Jet Lounge is a nice little spot. A dimmer, more compact, club sort of space, with some booths and lounge furniture lining the walls. The crowd for the show was really good. As most things, it didn’t get started till a bit later, but once it did the crowd seemed to be having a great time. The whole night had a positive party atmosphere. Especially the Hongree Records crew, who apparently took that “Shots, Shots, Shots” song super fucking seriously, and kept the full trays of kamikazes flowing.

First act up, was Hongree Records. (If you’re not familiar with Hongree Records, check ’em out) The homie Optimo Ram also did a little freestyle before the show started, which was cool. Then, the whole Hongree Records crew took the stage. I mentioned the full trays of shots a second ago. Well that continued on stage. They were having a blast with it. Very energetic and entertaining stage show. The music was dope as well. With a sound clearly from H-Town, the whole squad has a pretty aggressive, confident delivery, and are lyrically solid. Good set to start off the night. (Shot record of stage: Set. Your move, other rappers.)

T2 the Ghetto Hippie was next up. He’s an act I’ve heard a lot about, but had never seen live. He had a nice fan base that he brought with him, which was rockin’ out to all of his tracks. Also, he had a person handing out lighters with his name and social media info on them. Not even cheap ones, Bics. Very smart. As I type this, I still have this lighter. I, and a lot of other people are smokers, so of course people are going to hold onto it. Great marketing, and way to keep your name in peoples mind. As his name would suggest, he’s got a real laid back, mellow flow to his music. Great smoking and feel-good music. Lyrically he was pretty good as well. We’ll be bringing you more from him in the future. Solid set.

Tony Staxx did a set after T2. Not really sure if he was scheduled, or kind of a random thing. He just sort of came out of no where, did 2 songs and was offstage. They we’re pretty cool songs. He had a fast-paced delivery, and kept it pretty lyrical. Again, because I don’t think people knew he was coming on, the majority of the crowd was using the time between sets for an outside smoke break (Thanks Houston), so he didn’t have as big of a crowd as he should have.

The reason for the season, or night in this case, Mr. Alibi Rankz was up next. As I mentioned earlier, and countless times in the past, Alibi Rankz is the real deal. He’s a very genuine person, that has very genuine, dope, music. He’s pretty clearly passionate about his music, along with his performances, and puts a lot of energy into both. The crowd always reacts great to Alibi. One person told me they where about to go, then Alibi started, and they had to stick around. Very dope set. Also great how his whole family comes out to support him always. Seriously, always. Next time you have an opportunity check out an Alibi Rankz show, do that shit.

Between sets, and I think mainly because of the aforementioned positive, party atmosphere, a few freestyle cyphers broke out. So along with our normal show pics and videos, we have some footage of that as well. Shout out to, Space City Records, all of the artists, and all of the people that came out to celebrate.

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