REUPSpot Live: Box Social – Presented by & Local Party Animalz

For this episode of REUPSpot Live, we’d like to present you with our first show: Box Social. Presented with our family Local Party Animalz, featuring: DJ Creap, Jon Black, Richie Roc, Chane, Cavernous, Jody Seabody & The Whirls, Parking, & Twenty Eleven.

We held the show at The Mink Backroom in Houston. Same venue That Purple Bastard does Turnin Headz out of each month. We’ve been there to cover several other events as well. It’s a cool place.

First off, before the show, we stopped off at D-Risha and Herney the Great’s Album release party at SF2 North. They both have recently released dope projects. D-Risha’s “Big Trouble in Houston Texas“, and Herney the Great’s “Diary of a Young Black Male.” Both solid projects that you should check out.

Got to The Mink early to help setup. Also hung our cool new banner, and set up the T-Shirt table. By the way, we have some shirts for sale if anyone is interested. Only a limited number, so let me or Vick know.

First rap group up was Twenty Eleven. A young, hard working group thats been doing shows and pushing there music. They have a pretty different sound from everyone else. They preform with a live drummer, who also plays guitar on some tracks. As a former drummer, I really appreciate that. It also makes for a better sound and show, in my opinion. They have more singing then I normally like in my rap songs, but overall it’s solid music. It’s nice to see people doing there own thing, and having a unique sound. Which really is the trend with all of the acts of the night.

They also brought Kyle Hubbard up on stage for the track they did together. Kyle always rocks a show. They had a big Space City Records banner for their set as well. At one point, Thurogood Wordsmith (who came out to support) picked that shit up and went to town. Flying the banner high and proud during the set. Which got a smile out of Kris Krunk, owner of Space City Records.

Next up was the homie Chane. Mr. Hip Hop is Motivation. Like the last show we saw him at, he brought Yung Nastii with him to dance on stage during the set. This kid is crazy with it. You can see him in Chane’s video “We Will Rock You.”

Chane started his set off with a mixup of a recording of his father, and him rapping at the age of 8. Well, I should say. Rapping well at the age of 8. If you have not heard Chane’s back story, I suggest you read the dope interview Chuck from Trackstar Laxative did with Chane a few months back. Here’s just a small portion of the intro:

“At age 8 he spit a verse for Ice T when the rapper was in Houston at Maestro’s [Chane’s father’s] studio putting down some tracks. Ice T was so amazed and shook by the young kid’s skills, that he asked Maestro [Chane’s father] to send young Chane out of the room so he could regain focus.”

The music is hype, but focused, and very real and passionate. As real hip-hop should be. Chane always gets the crowd rocking with him as well. During his song Passion, he jumped into the audience to deliver his verse, and get close to the people. Real hip-hop in its message and delivery.

Following up Chane, was the homie Richie Roc. He always comes prepared to wreck the show. He also is always handing out free copies of his CDs, and just generally trying to get his music out there and connect with people. So if you ever see Richie Roc out somewhere, I’m sure he’ll be happy to give you a CD. (And if you haven’t yet, download a copy now.) His music is raw, real hip-hop, grimey at times, always lyrical. His last tape stays in the ride, let’s put it that way. Dope music. He also generally does a UGK/Texas tribute track, getting the crowd to sing along to Pimp C’s verse off there ‘Big Pimpin’ track. But really, ‘What you know about them Texas boys?”

Always an entertaining act, Richie was especially energetic this night. He also had a lot of friends and family out to support, and was all around having a great time. And that’s whats up in Houston.

Next up, Parking, a duo from Austin. One rapper, one producer. DJ Creap has brought them out to Houston before, but we missed there set the last time. Really wishing now, I had not. They absolutely killed it. There stage show is solid, both had a good amount of energy, and vibed to the music. About the music. After the first song ended, one of the guys in Twenty Eleven simply said, “Dude can spit.” That he can. Super lyrical, and they both had a great appreciation for the foundations of hip-hop. The beats where crazy. They where banging, raw, aggressive (and progressive), with a grimey electro feel. Very different, and really good.

The interview we did with them was also dope, we talked about the Hip-Hop scene and more. Make sure to check out those videos, and pick up there album “The Crown Fits” which is available on iTunes.

Final act up was Jon Black. I’d say his new deal with Space City Records, and a new popular internet radio show, Protect Yo Neck Radio, shows the hard work is paying off. Jon’s also 1 half of the production team Eklipse Productions, along with Sherm Sticc. They recently participated in the Space City Beat Battle. You can find videos of that on Vimeo.

Jon Black stepped on stage, with his Summerfest issue Sweet Tea red glasses, live drummer in tow, ready to wreck it. You could tell, not quite sure why/how. He seemed on a mission. Jon Black’s music is well constructed, covers a range of topics, and is just generally quality California & Texas influenced hip-hop, delivered with a smooth flow. He also called some people out on stage, which was entertaining. The live drummer was a nice touch, and he made sure to shout him out a couple times during the performance. As well as Space City Records & Kyle Hubbard obviously.

Not bad for our first show, if I do say so myself. As with life, nothing goes perfect, though. PreMiere and Skyblew where unable to make it, but there was nothing they could do. It’s all love though, and we’ll make sure to get them out sometime in the future. Or possible go there. Who knows.

Along with the awesome crowd, we had a couple random folks from the local scene stop by and show support. Thurogood Wordsmith, from T.H.E.M. (The Houston Elite MCs) came out. First time meeting Thurogood, he was a cool cat. As mentioned before, he got live with the Space City banner. If your in Houston, you can check out a video release party he’s throwing next week at Sanctuary on Washington. Rezno, Mr. Drinkin and Drivin, was also in the house. #PurpleFlashin as always. Which if your unfamiliar, means he was rocking his Turnin Headz shirt. Which is Purple, because That Purple Bastard puts on Turnin Headz. Renzo just dropped his official video for ‘Drinkin and Drivin‘, shot by Dirty Dog D, so make sure to check that out.

Kris Krunk, owner of Space City Records also was in attendance. Kyle Hubbard, Jon Black and Twenty Eleven are all Space City artists. Kris also recently launched, where artists can have there songs mixed and mastered for as little as $20 each. That’s cheap. Wes Coas was in the building as well. Another dope local rapper constantly on the grind. Check out his site for more, and you can check him out live on August 6th, along with Jon Black, for the ‘Wes Coas is Down South Tour‘ at 20 Below in Katy. (3111 N Fry Road / Katy, Texas 77449)

Silent of the Horsemen Alliance, and half of Local Party Animalz also made it out. His first time to the Mink, and really this side of the underground scene. He was a fan. Make sure to check out Silent feat. Mile High’s new song “Crazy”, now available on iTunes.

We’d like to thank all the artists for an awesome job. There obviously wouldn’t be a show to put on without yall, and there would not be a crowd if it wasn’t dope music. And a big thank you to everyone that came out and enjoyed the show. Shouts out to DJ Creap, all the artists, Vick (who couldn’t make it unfortunately), The Mink, and Dirty Dog D (Who shot the overview video).

Here is an overview of the performances. A song from each group, nicely packaged together.
Shouts out to Dirty Dog D for the video:

And of course, we have our usual show videos, talks, and pictures below:

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  1. Great show guys! Creap and ReUP putting on some fire shows here lately, looking foward to what y’all have in store.

  2. @DJ Creap, Yessir!

    @Chane, Appreciate you wrecking the show man, great set.

    @Kris, Appreciate ya man! Shouts out to DJ Creap. And yup, more to come. Thanks for coming out.

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