REUPSpot Live: BRAAAAAT Ft. D-Frost, G-Money, Rivera, Dat Boy Poyo & Harkore

For this episode of REUPSpot Live, we were out at Throwedfella Ent‘s show “BRAAAAAT” @ the new Club Pa’tron in Katy, Texas. The show featured performances by G-Money, D Frost, Rivera, Dat Boy Poyo, and Harkore.

So. Whenever I hear of a new “club” in Katy, Texas I’m pretty damned skeptical. It’s been attempted a few times, but none ended well. There are bars that are basically clubs, but their called Bars, and they do fine. Something about the word Club in Katy, does not work well. So, clearly, I was skeptical of the venue. It’s a decent sized space, with lots of lighting/smoke effects, and VIP seating lining the walls and sides of the stage. Overall, the space is nice, and has lots of potential. They also have great drink specials, even on the weekends. Which as a degenerate drinker, I appreciate.

Moving on to the actual show. The first act up was G-Money. This was the first solo set of his I’ve seen in a minute, and he seemed to enjoy it. Pretty good set, though I wish he had a bit more energy. Also, the mic cut in and out a few times, as it did all night, but that’s clearly not his fault.

Rivera, Mr. Rebel Made, was up next. One brick, two brick, three brick, fo – the beginning of a Rivera chorus I had stuck in my head while editing the videos. Rivera always has a lot of energy, and a lot of hypemen, who also have a lot of energy. He’s got pretty aggressive tracks, and has a matching delivery. Good set.

Next on deck, the Throwedfella D-Frost. He’s got a classic Houston sound, with a laid-back flow and delivery. This particular night, he debuted a new song of his, which features G-Money on the chorus. A track for the ladies, which the ladies in the audience seemed to enjoy. Over all, cool set.

The big homie Dat Boy Poyo followed D-Frost. He started it out, with a big shoutout/congrats to Lito Ducketts, who would have been performing with Poyo, but his wife had a baby earlier that day. Congrats to Lito and the family from REUP. With niceties aside, Poyo got into it. Even despite the mic cutting in and out. (Seriously, fix those mics) He seemed to have more energy on stage tonight as well. Good set, and as always, the crowd loved it.

Harkore, who you may remember from our Flyfest coverage, was up next. Flyfest was the first time I had a chance to see him live. It was super dope. He’s got a very lyrical style, and his sound is a mixture of inspirations. He also has a Jamaican buddy on stage with him, that sings a lot of the chorus, and inserts some dancehall-style verses hear and there. Dope overall sound, and they’ve got a polished set & stage show.

Overall, pretty cool show. As always, pics and videos below. (If you like them, do us a favor and share them.)

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