REUPSpot Live: Dat Boy Poyo CD Release – Ft. Dice, Apocalypse Ent, GGM, D-Frost/G-Money/Rivera, Felony, & Dat Boy Poyo

For this episode of REUPSpot Live, we were at The Release Concert for Dat Boy Poyo‘s album “Throwed in the Mode”, at Zona in Houston, Texas. Along with Dat Boy Poyo, there were performances by Felony of the Swishahouse, D-Frost / G-Money / Rivera, Apocalypse Ent, Dice, & GGM. The show was presented by Apocalypse Ent. & Productz of Pain Muzik.

First act of the night, was Dice (I think that’s her name). We’ve got some super-talented female MCs in Houston, so was interested to see how she’d do. She had good control of the stage, and was interacting with the crowd. Her delivery was good, and lyrics where ok. The topics where a bit generic though, would have liked to see her change it up a bit. The crowd loved her though.

The hosts of the night, and one of the groups, Apocalypse Ent, was next up. Same sort of deal. They had great energy, worked the crowd, and the delivery was on point. Their topics were pretty generic though. Had they switched that up more, or even just approached the same topics in a different way, I think they’d have something. But again, the crowd loved it, and they put on a pretty energetic stage show.

The homies D-Frost, Rivera, and G-Money was next on stage. Along with what appeared to be their entire family. They roll deep, is what I’m saying. They always have a good amount of energy on stage, keep the beers flowing, and clearly have themselves a good time. As was the trend this night, the crowd also showed a lot of love to the Throwed Fella / Rebel Made collab.

Next on deck, GGM. Now, I’m not really sure how many people are in the group, and who is who. I do know a few of the groups members where my favorite, lyrically speaking, so far. Also, the female they had, went the fuck off. She had a extremely aggressive delivery. Overall, cool set.

Next up, the big homie, Dat Boy Poyo. Tonight’s concert was to celebrate the release of his album “Throwed in the mode”, which the streets have been waiting on for a while. If you haven’t got that yet, hit up Poyo and get a copy. Always one deep, Poyo is a fan favorite. He is also lyrically a beast, and can chop it up with the best, and fastest, of them. His music is generally on struggle/hustle related topics, but he always adds his own spin. Quality, real, music. Dope set. (And shoutout to the homie Lito Ducketts, who Poyo had onstage with him.)

Felo, or Felony, from the Swishahouse followed Poyo. While I know he’s been everywhere lately, we had yet to make it to a live show. I’ve heard his music though, and its pretty dope. Having a good stage show is a completely separate thing though, so was interested to see how it’d go. He had a lot of energy, and really jammed out with his music, and the crowd. This was a ready-to-party-ass-crowd, as they too where jamming out to Felo, and really all of the artists all night. Only thing I’d say about his, is he also had about 553 (rough estimate) people on stage with him. Seems like a bit much. Good set though.

And that was the night. We’ve also got some shoutouts from Rivera, Felony, and some random other folks out back after the show. As always, video and pictures below.

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