REUPSpot Live: DJ Creap, Alibi Rankz, The Killafornianz, Renzo, Chane, 2011, Richie Roc & More

For this edition of REUPSpot Live we’re back out at the Katy End Zone, for DJ Creap‘s Hip Hop is Alive show. The show was headlined by Alibi Rankz and The Killafornianz, and also featured Renzo, Chane, 2011, Richie Roc, Parking, Coraverde, FDA & B. Luce, J Funk, Izzie & Desolate, & Classic. So, lots of hip-hop.

The show started out with Richie Roc. Yall need to check out his mixtape, or this video, if you haven’t. He was first up, and started it off real well. He has a good show, and the music/lyrics where on point as always. Also last week he went up to New York to talk with some labels, so you may be seeing Richie Roc on a larger scale in 2011.

J Funk was next. DJ Creap’s been doing shows with him for years, and he’s good people. I had never heard anything from him before, it was pretty cool though.

Classic was next. He had one of his friends with him, and they had a lot of energy. They said themselves they had a more mainstream sound, but they did their thing.

Izzie & Desolate also performed. They’ve been featured in our REUPSpot Live shows before. Their fairly new to live shows, and you can tell there getting better with each performance.

Then, was Chane. Another person that I had never seen live. We just missed him at the Houston Block party, where he also performed. This guy is a beast on the mic. You may have checked out his mixtape I posted last week called Motivation. If not, download that asap. Heartfelt, real hip-hop. His father, Maestro, was big in Houston Hip-Hop as well, with his studio “Samplified Studios” used by DJ Screw, SPC, SUC, and more. Chane also did a real dope Acappella toward the end of his set, which we have in the videos below. Don’t sleep on Chane.

Next up was FDA & B. Luce. Another group I hadn’t heard yet. They had some dope music though. They’ve been hustling hard locally, dropping a lot of mixtapes and music. You can catch some of there performance in the videos below.

Renzo was next on deck. His shows also have a lot of energy, and he gets the crowd moving. His hit ‘Drinkin and Drivin’ is the drinkers anthem, by the way. Check out his Promo Shit I posted last week, and make sure to check out his website for more music.

The Killafornianz where the first headliners to go on. They’re a duo you’ve probably seen some videos of on our last few episodes. I also posted some of there music recently, and they’ll be dropping there album on March 25th. (Release party on the 25th at Walter’s on Washington in Houston Texas if you want to come out to support.) Jon Black and Ensane make a good combo, and they’re songs and performances are dope. Make sure to check out the album when it drops, it’s gunna be hot.

Alibi Rankz was the other headliner this night. Alibi is very confident on the mic, and with his messages. It’s good grown folks music with good lyrics. His family is always out in support as well, which is cool. He’s also a very humble guy, just out here working hard. Good to see.

Later in the night, 2011 performed. They where also at the Houston Block Party. There a group of high-school kids that are on their grind in Houston. Although they’re young, they have a entertaining show with lots of energy. They also mix genres, and have a live drummer/guitarist with them. So it makes for a bit of a different sound, which is cool. Meant to ask them why the name 2011, though. Next time.

Parking came in from Austin, bringing Coraverde with him. I didn’t get the chance to stay for their performance, so unfortunately we don’t have any video/pictures from them. I heard from DJ Creap, and some friends at the show, that they really did there thing, and put on a really good show. So, we’ll catch them next time, or possible next time we’re in Austin.

We also caught up with Mile High, who came out for the show. Talked with them about their projects that will be dropping soon.

Enjoy the videos. Pass em along.











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  1. Man I love how this site covers events. Katy showed love as always and the drinks were on point. DJ CREAP keeps the party live. Till next time.

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