REUPSpot Live: DJ Creap, Black Zone Ent, J Hurdy, Kooly, Mile High, Horsemen Alliance, Lito Duckets, & Dat Boy Poyo

For this edition of REUPSpot Live, we where out at 20 Below Sports Bar for DJ Creap‘s (Local Party Animalz) latest show featuring: Black Zone Ent, J Hurdy, Kooly, Mile High, Lito Duckets, & Dat Boy Poyo.

First up was Black Zone Ent. We’ve seen them perform before at one of the past shows. This time they had a new rapper with them, J-Mike, who we talk to in the videos below. They had a lot of energy, and had some dope music. I personally like the Hustle Hard song the best.

J Hurdy we’ve been fuckin with for a while. He’s good people, and steady working. He wasn’t originally on the lineup, but Creap put him and Kooly on for a few songs. Kooly’s a friend of J Hurdy, and went pretty hard. We’ve got video below of them performing.

Next was Mile High. They always have a lot of energy in their shows, and tend to get the crowd moving. They where doing a mix of songs from their upcoming mixtape, and their last mixtape, Septober 34th. (Which they told us about at the last show)

Silent of the Horsemen Alliance performed. He joined Mile High and Lito Duckets/Poyo on stage for some collabs as well. We also talked with Silent and Poyo. If you didn’t check out the Horsemen Alliance tape I posted last week, you should download and jam that. Silent’s another hard worker on the grind.

Lito Duckets came out with champagne bottle and all. Him and his hype men got the crowd moving during his show. I had never heard him before, but it was some classic Houston type of rap.

Dat Boy Poyo was the headliner. He was actually also on stage for part of Lito’s performance as well. Poyo is a Houston hustler, and has been pushing his CDs independently, successfully, for a while. You may have caught him on the first episode of REUPSpot Live. We got a chance to talk to him as well, so make sure you check that out, and check out his new music when it drops.












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