REUPSPOT Live: DJ Creap, Richie Roc, Renzo, Twenty Eleven, A.d.D, Ill Liad, Killafornianz & More @ Houston Main St. Block Party

For this episode of REUPSpot Live, we where out at The Mink for the Annual Houston Main Street Block Party (1.22.11). Our good friend DJ Creap was DJing most of the sets, and they’re were some dope artists that came out.

First person to go on after I got there, was Richie Roc. Creap told me about him, and said he was dope. That he was. Solid flow, and good performance. He did an lil acapella track as well to show off his lyrics. It was a good way to start off the show. Here’s some show video, and then some, from Richie Roc.

Next up was the homie Renzo. He’s got good energy, and connects with the crowd. His song ‘drinking and driving’ is always a hit as well. Be on the look out for more from him this year.

Then Twenty Eleven took the stage. Their a younger group, consisting of 3 rappers accompanied by live instruments. They seemed very comfortable on stage, and where doing their thing. They do a bit more than just rap as well. Interesting group, albeit more radio style music, that had the crowd going.

Next was A.d.D. He’s the oldest son of Houston Legend and Screwed Up Click member, Big Mello (RIP). He’s also really dope. He had an original style, but still kept it Texas, if that makes sense. He also did a acapella, to show off his lyrics, which he’s got. Check out his site for more music, and be on the lookout for his album coming summer of 2011.

Then we had Ill Liad. Ill Liad is dope, and on his underground grind. He actually had Dope-E from the legendary South Park Coalition come out to check out this show. So be on the lookout for him in 2011. He’s also opening up for EPMD and some other legendary acts coming up soon. So like Creap said, if you aren’t familiar with him, get familiar.

Ill Liad had JOn Black and Ensane, the Killafornianz, with him as well, to do a couple of their tracks. If you haven’t heard or seen anything from them, for sure check out the sampler I posted yesterday. And here are some videos from their set:

DJ Creap did his thing throughout as always. That man is always about his business, and is making big moves in Houston, so be on the lookout for more from him over 2011. You can also expect some more shows coming up, which we’ll be there to cover. Make sure to check out the pictures below, and you’ll even see him rockin’ the REUP Shirt.

Dope day of music, and we appreciate all the artists coming out. Be sure to check out all of these artists sites for more info, music and more.

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