REUPSpot Live: DJ Creap’s Birthday Bash – Kyle Hubbard, Jon Black & Richie Roc – 2.11.12

For this episode of REUPSpot Live, we were out at DJ Creap‘s Birthday Bash @ The House on Washington (2.11.12). The show featured performances by Kyle Hubbard, Jon Black, & Richie Roc, with DJ Motai & DJ Creap on turntables.

There was once a venue in Houston called Walters on Washington. We’ve covered a few shows there actually. One of which was The Killafornianz CD Release party. The after party for that, was held at the house directly next door. The guys that live there are musicians, and big supporters of local music. When Walters closed, they picked up some of the slack; at their house. So they have been throwing house party shows, with great live acts. All genres also, not just hip-hop. So this, was the stage for DJ Creap’s Birthday Bash.

Free food, free keg, dope live music; what else could you ask for? Well, if you asked for sound activated lights and a smoke machine, there is that as well. With all of those factors, and the super-hype audience, it made for an awesome hip-hop environment. I say awesome, in the sense that word is actual intended to be used. May sound a bit exaggerated, but it’s not. I’m my opinion, anyway.

First act up, after a few hours of the crowd hanging out and partying, was Kyle Hubbard. He’s gearing up to release his album “Your Not That Special”. I fucking love that title. Because your not. Anyway, that comes out March 20th, and he treated the crowd to a couple of songs off of it. Simply put, it’s great music. Authentic, heartfelt topics, packed with passion and spit with ease. The audience, which was more into the show than most, was loving it.

Jon Black, and his drummer Clint Rater, where next on deck. Capitalizing on the audiences hype-ness, they went off. Jon Black always makes for a good live show, as he’s super energetic, and likes to connect with the crowd. Very dope set. He may even be using some of the footage in his next video, we’ll see. Also, I’ve never passed a blunt to someone on stage before. The luxuries of a house venue. Dope set.

Closing out the night, was Richie Roc. Richie’s live set is dope. Between his show tracks, he has a clip from a Pimp C Verse, along with a couple of other little clips to get the crowd, especially a Houston one, going. And it always does. (For instance, I have never NOT heard everyone in attendance, at a Houston show, recite the following lines when they come on: “Now what you know about them Texas boys? Comin’ down in candy toys, smokin’ weed and talkin’ noise”. R.I.P Pimp C) So, crowd was lovin’ his set. Dope shit as always.

When we picked the line up, we specifically picked people that would do well in a house party setting. The types of acts that are hype, and like to connect with the audience, and have that party energy. Think we picked some good people, because the night turned out great. We were even pulling people off Washington Ave. Which, if your not familiar with it, is where you can find a lot of hipster assholes, and the like (Not everyone, but a lot). But, we had a lot of people ask us “Whats going on in there? Sounds a lot better than anything else out here”. And it was.

At some point, a big freestyle cypher broke out in the kitchen of the house, with Jon Black, Ill Liad, and a bunch of other people. Shit was dope, from what I could hear. After a while, to many people were crowding around, couldn’t get close enough to make everything out. (Too many people trying to hear you is generally a good problem to have as an artist.)

So, if your in Houston, and have an opportunity to go to a show at The House on Washington, DO THAT SHIT. Dirty & Nasty actually just had their “Fool’s Gold: The EP” release there this past weekend. So expect coverage of that soon. As always, pictures and videos below. (And remember, all of these videos are HD, so you can switch them to 1080p.)

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