REUPSpot Live: Frankie G da Mex Official MexTape Release Party – 7.28.11

For this episode of REUPSpot Live, we’re out at Frankie G da Mex‘s Official MexTape Release Party at Jet Lounge in Houston Texas. Host for the night was Dirty Dog D (of Dirty & Nasty), with DJ Arsnik (of The Forces) on the Turntables.

So we showed up too early for this. By too earlier I mean on time. Which by now, I already know, is too earlier. So we checked out the Jet Lounge, first time there, and had a few drinks.

People started flowing in a bit later. Dirty Dog D, of Dirty & Nasty, had hosting duties for the night. Awfully dressed up, with a vest and bow-tie. Official like. The homie DJ Arsnik from the Forces was on ‘the 1’s and 2’s’. He played some good music before Frankie G got on stage.

Dirty did some Classic Houston Hip-hop trivia for drink tickets at one point. Pretty disappointed in myself that I didn’t know the answer. DJ DMD related, if memory serves. Anyhow, that was pretty cool, and I always like hearing the classics.

Frankie G came on stage later in the night. (Also, the whole night he had some of his music videos playing over the TV system in the lounge. Check out his site for those.) Never had seen Frankie G live, though I had heard his music, and have been seeing him out at shows a lot.

He just did a couple songs, off the mixtape obviously, for the crowd. He had a decent amount of energy and stage presence. Beats tended to be Southern style, with some ‘club banger’ types. More lyrical in some songs then others, and overall has a good delivery. Good set.

We also got a chance to talk to Bishop Black of Stereo Arcade, who came out to support. Along with our normal videos and pictures, we’ve made a little overview video of the night, which includes a clip of Frankie G performing.

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