REUPSpot Live: KAB Da Don @ Warehouse Live – Ft. Nino Gotti & YJ, K Dogg, Doublebe, & KAB

For this episode of REUPSpot Live, we were out at KAB Da Don‘s first headlining show at Warehouse Live, in Houston Texas. Along with KAB, the show featured performances from his fellow Headwreckas: Nino Gotti & YJ, K Dogg, & Doublebe.

If your unfamiliar with Headwreckas, it’s a group of Houston rappers (though, as Doughbeezy described it; it’s not a label, group, or crew, it’s a family) that have been doing some big things lately. This was the first all Headwreckas event I’ve attended, and I was pretty impressed; with their music, but also their organization and solidarity as a “crew” (or family).

When I showed up, there was already a nice sized crowd. I had never been to the smaller side of Warehouse Live, which was a cool little spot. More ‘intimate’ then the larger venue. A series of music icon portraits lined the walls of the entrance, which opened up to a nice sized area in front of the stage. Some comfortable looking booths filled the back portion of the bar area.

First up for the night, was the newest additions to Headwreckas, Nino Gotti & YJ. They both had a fast-paced, lyrical style (Nino Gotti in particular was heavy on the punchlines), with a clear southern influence. That’s one of the things I like about all of the Headwrecka artists; it’s that southern, Houston style flow, paired with crazy lyrics. Nice little introduction set for the duo.

K-Dogg, who we’ve covered at Turnin Headz, followed the newest editions. He also has a pretty face-paced lyrical style, but with more of a hustle/struggle feel, and less funny punchlines. Wish he would have utilized the stage a bit more, but other than that, it was a dope set.

Doublebe, which apparently is his government name as well as stage name, was next. We’ve also seen him perform at Turnin Headz. He’s insanely hype; especially his song ‘I be goin ham’. His set overall has a great amount of (positive) energy, and the crowds seem to react well. Overall, he’s got some cool music (I’ve been jammin’ the EP lately), and a very entertaining stage show. I’m interested to see some more lyrical tracks from him though.

Next up, the reason for the season, Boss Man KAB. As I mentioned, this was his first headlining show at Warehouse Live, which, is a big deal for artists. Selling out your first headlining show isn’t too shabby either. So, the crowd was excited to see KAB. I’ve actually never seen a full KAB Da Don set before. We have seen him make appearances on stage with some different folks in the past though. He always has a commanding presence on stage. Not just because he’s seemingly a giant, but because of the deliver of his lines. Very in your face, passionate delivery. MUHFUCKER.

Beyond delivery, KAB made good use of the stage, and had an overall solid set. The rest of the Headwreckas joined him onstage toward the end for a collaboration track, which made the crowd go wild. Which by the way, is why we have a few more people in our shots then normal. It was harder to get an uninterrupted view, because of the crowd. That’s a good thing. (Not so much from my video perspective, but from an artists perspective, that’s awesome.)

Overall, a dope night of hip-hop. Be on the lookout for KAB Da Don and the whole Headwreacks family, as they have a ton of shit coming soon. As always, videos and pictures below.

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