REUPSpot Live – Montrose Winter Social – Wayword, Evak, BabelFish, Nosaprise, One Hunnidt & More

For this episode of REUPSpot Live, we were out at The Montrose Winter Social in Houston, Texas. The all day festival was held at 4 neighboring venues: Number’s, Mango’s, Avant Garden, and Sole Purpose. The lineup included a shitton of groups, of all genres. We naturally covered the rap portion. Our coverage included: Wayword, Evak, Babelfish, Nosaprise & One Hunnidt.

Now, the festival was suppose to kick off early, around 1pm I believe. We got there a bit late, or so I thought. Turns out, there was not much going on. Each venue was waiting to get kicked off. So, I got my wrist band, and waited with the rest of the folks.

I wandered into Avant Garden around 3pm. It was the venue the was going to house most of the hip-hop acts of the day. Which is ironic, because generally speaking it’s a hipster bar. One night, we stopped in to have a drink after finishing up something at a near by studio. I swear to you, not 1, but 5 random people had an acoustic guitar with them, playing hipster music. Five different people brought their acoustic guitar to the fucking bar. We could not stop laughing. They seemed offended.

Anywho, I was pleasantly surprised to see live hip-hop, in the form of Wayword. An artist we had just met the week prior at Turnin Headz: Blank Canvas. He’s got a different style, more abstract in content. He reminds me of Aesop Rock, but as I think about, not as abstract. He’s got some jammin-ass (that is the technical term) beats as well. He even does a track to the June 27th beat. Dope shit. His faux-hawked friend, who was also at Turnin Headz showing support, was ska-dancin’ it up to his set. Also, only on-time performance of the day.

After some more aimless wandering, I found Evak & Babelfish doing a set at Mango’s. Just caught the last few minutes. Now, I know I just said Wayword is abstract. But that’s nothing compared to these two. They take abstraction to a new level. The grimy electronic beats growled as they spit the craziness that was their verses. Electronic beats that they seemingly produced/played (both?) as they performed. Babelfish was especially nuts on stage. In a super entertaining way. At the end of his set, he said something like “We’re blue collar, anti-everything, anti-nothing…” Interesting fellow. As y’all know, or should by now, I’m a fan of new sounds and different takes on music. Very interested to hear/see more from these two.

Back to wandering, now. Found some food truck that was pretty good. Also ran into Buckamore, Ill Liad, Richie Roc & Family, and a few other people in my travels between venues. All dope artists in their own rights, make sure to check them out.

Next act we caught was Nosaprise. Along with being a dope rapper, he is the lead singer of the 2011 Houston Press Award Winning Band Screwtape. All around hardworking, dope artist in the local music scene. He’s tracks are very lyrical, and have an original raw hip-hop sound, from the beats to delivery. Very dope shit. Make sure to check out him, and his band Screwtape.

Our intentions where to stay for the day, but leave a bit early. Should have been more than enough hip-hop before nightfall. Didn’t really work out that way though, so we ended up only catching a few acts. I believe some went on later though. Just missed Richie Roc’s set, which sucked, cause I know he rocked that shit. Same with Ill Liad & Buckamore. Next time fellas.

So, the last act before we left was One Hunnidt. Songs where OK. The tracks I heard were fairly generic in topic. Beats where cool, but delivery could use some work. Something that bothered me, though. The chorus of one of the tracks was something like “I do what I want.” Alright. As an adult though, you can not always do what you want. (You WANT to pay rent? That shit is just super enjoyable for you? Nah, it’s more just something you have to do.)

So, there in lies the end of our Winter Social Coverage. We had some videos from Wayword, but they were songs he did not want released quite yet, so we’re not going to include those. You’ll just have to come out to a Wayword show! As usual though, we do have the rest of the videos and pictures below. Also check out the handy YouTube Playlist to catch all of the videos in one place.

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