REUPSpot Live: V2 Launch Party – Feat. Jon Black, Chane, & Chris Reze – 4.21.12

For this episode of REUPSpot Live, we hosted a show at ThatBar in Houston, Texas to celebrate the launch of the new version of The show featured performances by Jon Black, Chane (Ft. Richie Roc), and Chris Reze, with DJ Kayo on turntables. The show was sponsored by Bomdiggidy Smoke Shop & #Geekgang.

We’ve been working on this new version for a while, so it was good to finally get it released. We wanted to celebrate, so hey, why not have a show? Celebrate the new version of raw hip-hop dope delivered daily, with some raw hip-hop dope delivered in person. Seemed fitting.

Never been to the Houston location of ThatBar (beside obviously to discuss the show), and had only just recently visited the location in Katy. Both are well-done, good sized venues, with some cool lightening and sound systems. They had some projection screens also, so we were able to put the new version of the site up. Don’t believe I’ve ever seen a website that large.

The venue is normally pretty busy on Saturday nights, and this night was no exception. Crowds got pretty large, especially later in the night. Got the feeling some of them weren’t as into the Hip-Hop we brought, versus their club tracks.

First act up, was Chane. As always, he killed it. His songs are always dope (check his latest tape if you haven’t heard), and he’s got a good command of the stage. Or in this case, because it was earlier and he wanted to get close to people, the area in front of the stage. He also brought Richie Roc along, and they performed the song “Run” they collaborated on. Really dope track, and I had never seen it live. So, make sure to check out that video.

The homie Jon Black, along with drummer Clint Rater, where next to bless the stage. Ask anyone that’s been to a Jon Black show; he’s a performer. So he did his thing, even walked the crowd and made some interactions mid-set. The first girl he approached, had a “come closer and I’ll cut ya” look on her face at first, but, he turned it into a (slight) smile. The power of music. Overall, a dope and relaxed set from Mr. Black. (If you haven’t already, download Jon Black’s recent mixtape “#Lightwork“)

Chris Reze, was the next, albeit some time later. Never had seen him perform. The tracks were cool. Could have used a bit more energy on stage. There was also one track that had a feature, I think he should have skipped other dudes verse for the live version. Beside that though, pretty cool set, and the crowd was feelin’ it.

That concluded the live acts of the night. Shoutout to all of the artists and fans that came through, and shoutout to DJ Kayo, would did a great job. And of course a HUGE shoutout to all of the fans, friends, & supporters of, because without y’all, there wouldn’t have been much of a Version 1 of, let alone this 2nd Version. So thanks! We truly appreciate y’all continuing to rock with us. And stay tuned, lots of cool stuff coming!

And as always, videos and pictures from the night below.

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