REUPSpot Live – Richie Roc x Presents Roc The Block Toy Drive 2011

For this very special episode of REUPSpot Live, we were out at the ‘Richie Roc x Presents Roc the Block 2011 Toy Drive‘, created by Richie Roc, and hosted at D&T Drive Inn in Houston, Texas. This was a show to collect toys and donations to help children in need on Christmas. It featured performances by Bishop Black, D-Risha, Wayword, and Bossmade, with REUPSpot Representative DJ Creap on the turntables.

So Richie Roc is that dude. If you haven’t heard his music, check it out here, and here. I didn’t know that for the past 4 years (this year made 5) Richie has been hosting the ‘Roc The Block Toy Drive’, and has helped out a lot of kids. So when he asked us if we’d like to help this year, obviously we said yes. So just to be clear, RTB is Richie’s baby, we were just lucky enough to be able to help out.

Here is a little bit more about ‘Roc the Block’, from the official site we created:
“Roc the Block is a Non Profit Origination that’s has hosted Christmas toy drives for the last 4 years. In the past we have worked with the Texas Childern’s Hospital, End Hunger Foundation, and Brownie Elementary. Also we have hosted our events at Little York Flea Market, Armadillo Flea Market, WE-R-ONE tattoos, and D & T Drive Inn. Our goal is to try and raise money and gathering donated toys as our way in giving back to the city of Houston.”

So needless to say, was looking forward to the show. When I got there, I was amazed by how many toys had already been donated. There was a mountain-o-toys, and it wasn’t even 1pm yet. Looking good. Very good. And, it just got better. People came through all day to donate toys.

The event was from Noon-7pm, and the performances weren’t until later in the day. So that first part of the day, was hanging out, enjoying a really great family, Christmastime atmosphere. Richie’s parents where both a big support; with his Mother preparing a bunch of free food and drinks for everyone, and his Father playing the role of santa. A jolly santa at that. (Check the overview of Santa breakin’ it down)

This coverage is a little bit different, in that the focus of this event was really on the kids in need, toys and donations. The show was more to draw people in, and entertain the crowd. But, still had some dope performances, so let me run through those for yall.

First up we had Wayword. A rapper I’ve become more familiar with lately. He’s got a more abstract style, but not as abstract as say Aesop Rock. Lyrically, and delivery wise, dude is on point. I’m a big fan of a couple of his songs, particularly “Bubble Burst” and his track over the famous June 27th beat. Wayword prefers that we don’t show the videos. He’d like you to come out to a show. You should do that.

Next up, was Bishop Black, along with his son. I have never seen a father-son, rapper-hypeman team before. And that’s just what this was. Bishop Black, killed it as usual. He was self-censoring some of his lyrics because of the kids in the audience, so I think that slipped his delivery up a few times. But overall, good shit. His son, was going apeshit his whole set. Breakdancin, running back and forth; the lil’ hype man was hype. At one point he grab the mic from Bishop, and proceed to start a battle. That’s whats up. So, moral of the story is, listen to Bishop Black. Then, if a few years, you’ll be able to listen to his son’s music as well, I’m guessing. Great, and very entertaining, set.

Following Bishop Black and son, was the homie D-Risha. Another rapper, that if you have not heard, you need to go do so immediately. OG Ron C recently chopped-not-slopped one of his tracks, so, you know I’m not bullshitting you when I say it’s dope. I think the self-censoring was making him trip up a little as well. Overall, cool set though.

Bossmade was up next. Never heard, or heard of, Bossmade. I will tell you this though, the two songs I heard them perform, and that where on the CD they gave me, could both be hit singles. I can see the radio/club jamming either, regularly. They where just catchy, feel good tracks. Not really tracks I would regularly listen to, but there is a big audience for what they do. Performance itself could use some work though. I also don’t like the font they use for their jackets. Though, that has nothing to do with anything, beside me being a graphic designer. But yes, all non-important criticisms aside, looking forward to hearing more tracks.

That was it as far as performances for the night. Richie was going to perform a set, but we ended up running out of time. Next year. And again, the main thing was collecting a lot of toys for the kids. And man, did Roc The Block do that! Check out the overview video and pictures to see the massive amount of toys that were collected.

We could have absolutely not done any of this with out the help of our awesome sponsors, both families and local businesses:
Ramirez Family, Vaughan Family, Garcia Family, Failing Family, Anonymous Family Donation, Anonymous Family Donation #2, Dion Beats, Houston Whole Sales,, Lonestar Security Specialist, Liveevil Click, Skin & Bones Jones, Houston Wholesales, Trendsetters Barbershop, ENGlobal, Check Other Outfitters, Bolli Bros Pizza, Nick’s Place, Bishop Office Needs, Vision Sign & Graphics, Brookstreet BBQ, Skyline Deli, High Life Smokeshop, Mojo Music.

On Christmas Day, Richie Roc & family/friends, passed out all of the toys at a local children’s government home. With Richie’s Dad once again dressed as Santa, they passed out the boat-load of toys that RTB collected, and made a lot of children’s day!

Also, Houston’s TV New station KPRC spoke with Richie about the Toy Drive a day or so after Christmas, and aired the short segment. While it was short, it is still an amazing look, and it’s great to see them recognizing Richie for all the work that he’s done.

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