REUPSpot Live: Rivera’s “All Day” Mixtape Release Party – 9.16.11

For this Episode of REUPSpot Live, we where out at Rivera’s Birthday Bash & ‘All Day’ Mixtape release party, which also served as the after party for IXFA Extreme Fighting Champion Hurricane Ike Villanueva. Performances by: Rivera, D-Frost, G Money and Lito Ducketts.

The show was at Frankenstein’s in South West Houston. Which is one half of the venue for the upcoming Halloween show we’re helping organize, called Serial Trilla. Check out the Facebook Event Page for more info on the craziness that will be the Halloween show.

The Throwed Fella fam had been hyping this release event for a while. Would have been hard to miss the reminders on Facebook. Thats good though. People forget shit, often.

When we got there, they had the extended merch table set up, selling copies of Rivera’s “All Day” mixtape, as well as there I-10 Connection mixtape, and D-Frost’s ‘Real Gon Feel Fake Gon Hate’ shirts. Crowd was slowly gathering, and it looked like the first act was ready to go on.

Which was Lito Ducketts. If you’ve been following REUPSpot Live (and if you haven’t, why not?) you’ll have seen Lito before. He recently signed with Throwed Fella Entertainment, D-Frost’s camp, and I believe this was his first show since then. So he was ready to show out for Throwed Fella. He did some newer songs of his, including ‘Drugs & Guns like Vietnam’, along with some tracks we have heard before. Since there was no stage at the venue, he was rockin with the crowd the whole time. Energy level was on point, good set overall.

The crowd was getting into the show. Some serious dancing going on. Cool to see crowds get hype, because that’s not always the case. DJ Creap was on the dance floor at one point, breakin it down, as you might say. On another ‘general venue’ note, I’d suggest getting 2 drinks at a time. In my experience, took a minimum of 15 minutes to get served.

Sometime around this point of the night, Hurricane Ike Villanueva, IXFA Extreme Fighting Champion, made his entrance. Like I mentioned, tonight also served as the after party for his fight in Houston that night against Larry Crowe. He unfortunately ended up losing that fight, but he was fighting outside of his normal weight class, which he is still the champ for. Shout out to Hurricane Ike for all the love he’s showed Throwed Fella, and

Next up, was Rivera, D-Frost, & G Money. They once again did a collective set, which works well. It was Rivera’s Birthday Bash, so you could tell they where having fun with it. A more laid back performance in a way, but once it was there turn to spit, each of them got into there verses. Especially Rivera, he was extra hype this night, probably for obvious reasons. It’s a celebration, bitches, as Dave Chapelle would say.

All in all, a good night. Crowd was hype and having fun, and the performances where good. Make sure you check out Throwed Fella, as they’ve got some dope shows coming up. Including the aforementioned Serial Trilla show, which again, is going to be nuts. As always, pictures and videos below.

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