REUPSpot Live: Rob Gullatte, KAB The Don, Show, Express, Ace & D. Bax

For this episode of REUPSpot Live, were out at Rob Gullatte’s show at the Mink, featuring performances by D.Bax, Ace, Express, Show, KAB the Don, and Rob Gullatte. Hosted by Bobby Phats, and presented by OnDek Muzik.

First time I had been to the Mink since Turnin Headz relocated. I honestly had thought the new owners did not want to deal with hip-hop, so I was sort of surprised when Rob announced the venue. Regardless, it was a bit nicer than last time. They cleaned up the space, got rid of some of the graffiti, and fixed the bathroom doors so they actually closed. Exciting times.

D.Bax did perform this night, but I missed that set. So, unfortunately can’t bring you any info, videos or pics on that. The first artist we saw was Ace. His set was pretty cool. Classic Houston sound, with some decent lyrics. Would have liked to see a bit more energy though. Other than that, pretty cool set.

Express was next up. He had some dope lyrics, and a confident delivery. He changed up the pace throughout, and had a good amount of energy on stage. The crowd was rocking out. Good set from Express, and looking forward to seeing more from him.

Next up, Show. We’ve never seen a full Show set, but have seen him share the stage with artists and few times in the past. He’s got a lot of energy and passion in his delivery. His lyrics are dope, and his songs cover a range of topics, mainly relating to real life struggles. He has some deep lines throughout his songs, and always gets a huge reaction from crowds. Heard several people yell “Tell em OG”, or something like that. They were loving it. Great set.

Headwreackas representative KAB The Don hit the stage after Show. You may have caught some of our previous coverage of KAB, most recently his sold-out Warehouse Live headlining debut. KAB has a very commanding presence on stage. He’s got some dope lines, and delivers them really aggressively. I honestly think his show performances have more energy and better delivery than some of the recorded versions. The crowd seemed to know all of the lyrics to most of his songs, and were rapping along. Dope set.

The nights headliner, Rob Gullatte, graced the stage after KAB’s set, and a brief break. Rob Gullatte, previously known as Kritikal, is a beast on the mic. He also tends to go all-out on shows, and is just crazy with the energy. He also dons a robe a lot. Not sure why, been meaning to ask him. Either way though, his music is genuine, rife with struggle and hustle, and packed with heart. Now, the crowd rocked out with the previous acts, but they went insane when Rob was on stage. Overall great set, and a good end to the night.

As always, videos and pictures below.

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