REUPSpot Live: ‘Space Dreams of the Ambitious’ Ft. Space Kid Deezy, Qua the Skit, Young Crusay, & Mars Bars

For this episode of REUPSpot Live, we were out at “Space Dreams of the Ambitious”, a showcase presented by AMRecords & #GeekGang Online. It featured performances by Space Kid Deezy, Qua the Skit, Young Crusay, & Mars Bars.

The show took place at Mangos in Houston Texas. It was intended to be a “Online Video Showcase”, so it wasn’t really a public thing. But it sort of was. Anyway, I was one of a few people there. I’m use to a crowd at shows, so that was odd.

First act up, was Space Kid Deezy. I got a chance to talk with him and his buddy, who’s name escapes me, outside before their set. They’re some younger kids on their grind, that seemed to understand the work it’s going to take, which is a shitton. Interested to see what they had to offer.

Both of them were dope. The spit rapid-fire bars pretty aggressively. They have to work on their delivery a bit though. Also, wasn’t personally a fan of the “skinny jeans” references, which there was at least one. Don’t let that deter you though, they really can spit.

Next up, was Qua the Skit. He brought along Hazel Brown, ‘First Lady of Extended Family’ (Dungeon Family Houston). She did a acapella/spoken word verse, dedicated to her love of music. It was a cool, different, start for the set.

Qua’s songs were pretty dope. He has a more laid back delivery, though he changed up the pace a few times in his first song. His second song was a, very, laid back smokers anthem. It was dope, and perfect for it’s goal. Good set.

Young Crusay was next on deck. She had an all-business demeanor, and seemed ready to get her set started. You could hear the east coast influence in the beats and overall sound. The lyrics where cool. Decent verses, but I was honestly hoping for more. I only had the chance to hear a few songs though, so I’d for sure like to check out more from her in the future.

Mars Bars was the last act that we saw, and probably my favorite of the night. He had dope lyrics, and told stories with each of his tracks. On a range of topics, but most were relate-able. His delivery was on point. He had a good amount of energy, but for some reason I feel like if there were more than a handful of people in the room, he would of went a little harder on stage. Could be wrong of course. Overall good music, and a good set.

And that concluded the show, for us anyway. Videos below.

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