REUPSpot Live: Summerfest 2012

For this episode of REUPSpot Live we were out at Free Press Summerfest 2012, featuring performances by a shit-ton of people. We covered the hip-hop acts; which turned out to be: Z-Ro, Snoop Dogg, Jon Black, and Fat Tony.

(First off, I realize this is late coverage. Some technical difficulties prevented us from posting this sooner. Which is also why there has been a barrage of REUPLive coverage lately, and will be a few more this week.)

Luckily, we had press passes. The line was, without exaggeration, a few hours long. It is a very popular festival though, which sees an extraordinarily large crowd. The Free Press Summerfest folks where nice enough to hand out free water to the fans eagerly waiting to enter the park area.

The audience for Summerfest is great. There are so many genres, and types of artists and music, and everyone is just there to take it in. A lot of places, certain people want to hear certain music, and fuck you if your not that. Summerfest however, everyone seems to be open to listening to whatever, assuming it’s quality music (and even sometimes if not).

Also lots of weirdos. But the same can be said whenever there is a large gathering of people. We’re an odd race of people, humans are. By and large though, great atmosphere throughout the multi-staged event.

Z-Ro was the first act I saw. It was in the middle of the day, but the crowd was still huge. Mainly younger kids, throwing up their “H”, and rocking out to the Mo City Don. The beach balls being hurled around the crowd were cool, but it was a weird mix. Z-Ro, colorful beach balls and smiling hipsters with neon-colored sunglasses. Was a good set though. He brought Bun B out for a few songs, to which the crowd went even more nuts. Ro even took some requests. Overall, good set. Must have been hot as shit up there, though.

The next set I saw, hours later, was Snopp Dogg. Despite my good intentions, I wasn’t able to get that close of a spot. So, that’s the reason the pictures look a bit further back from the rest. They are. It was a cool set. He seems so damn laid back always, but I suppose I would be too if I just smoked all day. He had fun with it, and the crowd loved it. At one point a dog mascot with a giant joint came out, along with Snoop’s always-present older uncle (or some sort of relative), who kind of appears homeless. Overall it was an entertaining set.

And that wrapped up the hip-hop for day one of the festival.. The next day we got there bright-and-early-ish, to catch the homie Jon Black’s set. He had a perfect location. I believe it was Stage 6, but what made it great, was that it faced the entrance as most people where starting to stream in. So, you had to check out Jon Black just to enter. He pulled a larger crowd because of that. Lots of people would start to walk by, hear the music, and stop the check out the show. He, along with drummer Clint Rater and DJ Creap on turntables, wrecked the stage. He’s got a good amount of energy, and always interacts with the crowd. His music, which has a west coast feel (being from San Diego), is very dope, and very lyrical. Real hip-hop, in short. If you have not done so already, check out Jon Black’s latest mixtape “#Lightwork“.

The last of the 4 whole hip-hop sets, was another Houston rapper, Fat Tony. Fat Tony has a nice following, so he had a good crowd at his slightly larger stage. It was more of a dome sort of stage, so the fans were wrapped around the front in a semi-circle, cheering their asses off. Fat Tony also brought out a few friends to perform along the way, and overall had a good set.

And that would conclude the hip-hop portion of this two-day festival. Other highlights from Summerfest; waiting in line for 45 minutes for a hot dog and soda, Bomdiggidy Smokeshop’s mobile glass-blowing display, Fancy Pants tents with AC, and seemingly-novelty-sized Pink’s Pizza slices.

While we were not able to take any videos (Summerfest Policy), we did get some cool pictures. Enjoy.

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