REUPSpot Live: SXSW 2012

For this (late posted) episode of REUPSpot Live, we were out in Austin, Texas for SXSW 2012. Myself, Nick Mar, and DJ Creap were out-and-about, networking and covering dope, nation-wide, hip-hop.

There are a couple of reasons this post is late. Main one being our finishing up and launching the new version of REUPSpot. But, all shitty excuses aside, we caught a whole lot of dope hip-hop, and met a lot of great fans and artists at SXSW this year. This coverage is going to be a little different, as I’m more going to cover the overall experience, rather than a set-by-set break down of the shows.

We came into town on Thursday. Luckily my TomTom took us into Austin the back way, so we avoided most of the traffic. Which was pretty un-fucking-believable, as I just assumed we’d be in at least an hour of traffic. Good start!

After getting all of our REUP Flyers / Stickers / T-Shirts, Bomdiggidy Smokeshop lighters, and the various other freebies we had to give out ready to go, we hit 6th Street. First stop was Agave Bar, for the R.S.A. + Bishop Black & Renzo Showcase. Unfortunately, our late start out to Austin caused us to miss basically the entire event. But, we chilled for a little bit, passed out some flyers to passerby’s, etc.

The rest of the day, was basically spent in search of dope hip-hop. We made our way through the large, and constantly growing, crowds, stepping over mounds of flyers, and other random shit people had thrown on the ground. We met several cool people throughout the day, and made some good connections. That was one of the coolest things about being out there, is seeing all of the talent from around the country. We do cover local events, but mainly just in Houston. So we rarely get to see or actually meet these artists.

Now, we basically stuck to 6th street, and the more underground shows. One such, very dope, event was at a bar called “Toulouse” located on 6th Street. Live hip-hop on their patio. One thing about Austin, you can’t smoke anywhere. Which I love. That’s one less decision I have to make, because the government has already made it for me. (Read last 2 sentences in a sarcastic tone.) On the back patio however you could smoke. So people weren’t leaving between sets like at a lot of places. The other non-music related upside was the $5 mason jar drinks. Not bullshit drinks, either. We’re talking Long Islands, etc. Dope music, freedom to make choices as an adult + good drink prices? My kind of place.

We caught acts from Michigan, St. Louis, Toronto, New York, etc. List goes on. Beside Toulouse, we found several other more underground shows, along the people-and-advertisement packed, 6th Street Strip. Again, lots of dope acts. Make sure to watch our overview coverage, which has some clips from a bunch of different artists. We were also lucky enough to catch a performance from Brother Ali, who was blessing the stage at a small venue, free of charge, and with no wristband or SXSW ticket requirements. Odd for such a big act, but very, very dope. The crowd was really big for this, and remained signing along. We got some very dope footage, as DJ Creap traversed the venue like a ninja, to get a good shooting angle. Shout out to Roosh Williams who gave us the heads up on this show, and also provided us with a cool drop for the video.

Another place we saw several dope acts was the ‘Turnin Headz’ stage. They had a long list of artists, many of which were from Houston. We caught a couple of the performances, though wish we could have caught more. The couple acts we did see where cool though. Have some footage and pictures from that below.

One of the last people we randomly ran into was Big Pic, an OG from the Swishahouse. As a big fan of Swishahouse, primarily back in the heyday, it was cool to get that Big Pic drop. We also ran into Rittz, who took a picture for us rockin’ the REUPSpot sticker. We did momentarily see Raekwon (Well, Creap did), but we didn’t make it over there fast enough. Though, we did hear Beanie Sigle was at the Turnin Headz stage one night literally kissing babies and shaking hands. So, there’s that.

Some other random things we saw at SXSW: A beatboxer from the UK, Some chick twirling fire, an inflatable Fleshlight mascot walking the crowds, lots of homeless people, great food trucks…and lots of other weird, random shit. Please check out the overview video below, along with some of pictures from our few days in Austin.

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