REUPSpot Live: t.h.e. MisFit Crazy8 CD Release Party Hosted by DJ Tony Styles – t.h.e. MisFit Crazy8, Jamal HD, Black Faction, Havok Music, & EDG

When I got there, Crazy8 was working the crowd in his suit. Ya know, he keeps it professional. And it was, they had everything set up nicely, with merch and dancers ready to go. The Mink Upstairs was the setting for t.h.e. MisFit Crazy8‘s Album Release Party. Also on the lineup, Jamal HD, Black Faction, Havok Music & Friends, EDG & Friends, with DJ Tony Styles (From 104.1 KRBE in Houston) on the turntables.

Renzo & The Purple Bastard where hanging out, taking in the music & networking. I also saw, and talked with Chuck from the blog Trackstar Laxative, while we where waiting, and then waiting some more, for a beer. Good times.

First act on stage, was Jamal HD. A new artist to me, after talking with him a bit before the show, I was looking forward to hearing his music. As it turns out, it’s pretty good. I was digging the music, and he had a nice amount of energy on stage, etc. His voice was a lil hoarse that night, but it didn’t really take away from the music, so it didn’t bother me. Make sure to check out Jamal HD’s mixtape I posted yesterday for more.

After Jamal HD, was Black Faction. They are a group, and because the stage at the Mink is fairly small, they packed that shit in. They had a lot of energy though, and it was an entertaining show. The music was some classic Houston type of rap, which I personally like.

Next on the program (There was literally a program at the door. Helps me personally a lot, as I can remember the lineup when typing up these posts.) was Havok Music & Friends. Not really sure where Havoc Music stopped and friends started, or if there where any. They seemed like a group. They also had a lot of energy, specifically one dude on stage, who was hype as shit and smilin’ the whole time. More classic Houston rap, with some sick beats. I enjoyed it.

EDG, or Every Day Grindin, & Friends was the last act before the t.h.e. MisFit Crazy8 took to the stage. I’m guessing everyone in a EDG shirt was EDG, everyone not, was friends. Also, some classic Houston shit. They put a lot into there show, as far as energy. The last guy they had on, who I’m thinking was part of the ‘& friends’ had a couple funny/clever lines.

Then, the man of the hour, t.h.e. MisFit Crazy8. Who, by the way, had gone home and changed out of his suit. The suit was just for making the rounds, he tells me. I like the businessman thought process, ya know. Maybe you don’t. Anyway, I had never seen a Crazy8 show before. We’ve posted his music though, and I like his originality and his sound. It’s not your typically shit, in a good way. Check out this song if you haven’t heard him yet.

He even had some dancers doing a choreographed dance on a couple of the tracks. He called them ‘t.h.e. MissFits’. Get it. All and all, he had a lot of energy, and it made for a great show. He also sort of explained some of the songs before he did them, and I’m always interested to hear the reasoning behind shit. Along with him, he brought his buddies, Juggernaut Jones, and Delano up for a song a piece. They did pretty good as well, though you could tell (and as he said when they got on stage) they hadn’t preformed in front of people a lot. So they where a bit more reserved then Crazy8.

After Crazy8, DJ Tony Styles, from 104.1 KRBE, spun for the rest of the night. Good night of music, networking, and booze. Videos & pics below. In that order.

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