REUPSpot Live: The Revival Tour Ft. Rittz, LOEGz, Worldwide, Noon, & Loz tha Lyric3st

For this episode of REUPSpot Live, we were out at the Houston leg of Ritt’z nationwide “Revival Tour”, featuring performances by Rittz, The League of Extraordinary Gz (LOEGz), Worldwide, Noon, & Loz tha Lyrac3st. The show was held at the Jet Lounge in Houston, and was presented by Lunaface.

Jet Lounge is a cool little spot, but it’s just that; little. So was interested to see how, A) the crowd would manage, and B) How the LOEGz 7+ members where going to fit on that stage. When I got there, about 9, the venue already had a nice amount of fans packing in. Which is very strange for such an early time in Houston, not to mention the fact this was a Thursday.

After making the rounds, and seeing some various people that came out to support, it was time for the first act; Loz tha Lyrac3st. The Mexicannibal MC, as he calls himself. Dude is an absolute beast on the mic, and unlike a lot of modern day rappers, he can go really hard free styling as well. I do wish he made more use of the stage, and had a bit more energy. He more or less stands there and berates the audience with his sick rhyme schemes. As a fan of hip-hop, I love that shit. As a fan of a good stage show, it leaves me wishing there was more. Cool set though, and did I mention the lyrics? Fuck with Loz.

Following Loz, is Noon, the guy who picked up a shitton of Houston Press Nominations this year. Our first Noon show we saw was at Flyfest a few months back. Like that night, he had a great stage show. His Dad plays guitar for him also, which is cool in and of itself. I just like the whole family-on-board thing. He refers to his fans as the FAMbase. See what he did there? But for real, it’s always good to have that support. He seems like a really hard working artists. His songs are dope, as well. Classic houston sound mixed with live guitar and dope lyrics. Make sure you check out his video for Ford Taurus if you haven’t yet.

#LeagueShit! That’s my awesome segue to the next act, The League of Extraordinary Gz. If you have not heard them yet, you need to get on that shit. They have a music, available for free, on their site, and lately have been everywhere. A Texas super-group, in which each artist is a real lyricist. Can’t emphasize those last two words enough. Never have seen the League live though.

They started their set by passing out a bunch of little LOEGz flags. Great marketing. They then proceeded to attack the stage. As I mentioned early, I was wondering about to logistics of this set, with such a large group, and such a small stage. But they made it work well. All of the members, when they had the mic in their hands, were super aggressive and solid in their deliveries. While on the outskirts of the stage, they all rocked out to their fellow LOEGers on mics. It was a really dope set, that got the crowd going.

Between LOEGz, and Rittz, was an artist named Worldwide. I only caught one song of his (I believe shorter) set, but he was really dope. A lyrical artist, with solid delivery, and a great stage presence. Looking forward to seeing more from him in the future. Also Rittz mentioned how he just did a track with Worldwide, so I’m sure we’ll be hearing/posting that soon.

Now folks, the headliner, White Jesus himself, Rittz. I’ve been jamming Rittz for a while now. I really like his authenticity, passion, and crazy double-time verses. Though, he does switch up the pace, and it’s not always rapid fire, it is always pretty fast. Before I get to the set, just want to mention that beforehand, Rittz was hanging out in the crowd, and talking with people. He wasn’t held up in some backstage room refusing to speak with fans or anything. He was very humble, and thankful person, which is cool to see in bigger acts. Big shoutout to him for the interview, and fuckin with us and the homies at Optimo Radio.

On to his set, during which I had to stand on the bar in order to get a decent shot (it was packed). Coming out to big cheers, Rittz got right into it. His delivery and stage presence were solid, and he interacted with the crowd a bit between songs. The crowd loved it, and I think Rittz did just about every song off his White Jesus mixtape. It was dope. Along with pictures and videos from his set, we got a great interview with him beforehand, hosted by the homie Optimo Ram, from Optimo Radio. Make sure to check that out, and share if you like it.

And that concluded this night of dope, live hip-hop. The venue actually worked out great for this show, despite my earlier reservations. Everyone seemed to have a blast. As always, videos and pictures below.

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