REUPSpot Live – The Wes Coas is Down South Tour, Featuring: DJ Creap, International O, Jon Black and Wes Coas

For this episode of REUPSpot Live, we where at the Wes Coas is Down South Tour, featuring: DJ Creap, Wes Coas, Jon Black, and International O. Hosted by DJ Creap, live at 20 Below.

20 Below is a cool venue. It’s also interesting, as there are all sorts of different people there. A lot of bar regulars will end up sticking around for the show as well. I’m always wondering if they know hip-hop is about to come on. The crowd generally ends up rocking with the artists, and getting into the show.

First hip-hop act up was International O. He’s part of the Flycat Music Group, with Wes Coas. (Who you may have saw most recently in our Roundtable Discussion on Originality in Hip-Hop. Plug over.) First met Wes Coas & International O at the Killafornianz CD release. I originally thought the whole group was from the West Coast. Not correct. International O hails from Houston. (Notice his ‘Listen to U.G.K.’ shirt.)

The music is dope. It’s got the Southern flavor to it, with some quality, real, lyrics on top. My kind of Houston rap. He actually ended the set with a song about Houston, which was extremely fitting for the crowd. (I’ll touch on that later) Check out International O’s music, in short.

Next up where the headliners, Wes Coas and Jon Black. Two names you should be familiar with by now, if you’ve been following our Live coverage. They where also 2 of the 5 rappers in our aforementioned Hip Hop Roundtable Discussion. Cool, hard working artists with some original thoughts on music, and the business.

Wes Coas started it off by getting a server tray full of jello shots on stage, and handing them out to the crowd. Smart way to get the less motivated to come toward the stage. And it worked. Who doesn’t like free?

Accompanied by their live drummer, the two proceeded to wreck the stage. They traded off songs, and where basically each others hype men during the solo tracks. They both get live on stage, Jon Black especially. Dude moves around. The music, obviously, has a Cali influence. But wherever your from, you can jam to this. As with International O, both rappers spit real, heart felt lyrics. The crowd was awfully into it as well. A lot of the crowd was actually spill over from the rock groups that performed earlier. So I thought that it was even cooler that they where diggin the rap acts so much.

Overall, International O, Wes Coas, and Jon Black did a good job, and it made for an entertaining show.

Now, the Wes Coas is Down South tour was not the only thing happening at 20 Below that night. After the show was over, our homie Silent of the Horsemen Alliance, with guest Rob G, shot the club scene for the music video they had been working on all day. It’s for a song the two did together called “We On.” Fun Fact: They also did a track together for our mixtape ‘The South.’ Check that out if you haven’t.

Video shoot went great, at 20 Below, so be on the look out for that video. We’ll for sure be bringing you that. You’ll see us and our REUPSpot shirts make some appearances. Good times. Rob G was also very cool, and very supportive of Silent, the Horsemen Alliance, DJ Creap, and just the whole scene out here. We, with our family DJ Creap asking the questions, got a talk with Rob G as well, so make sure to check that out.

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