REUPSpot Live: Throwed Fella Ent in Association with & Local Party Animalz Presents Serial Trilla

For this episode of REUPSpot Live, we’re out Serial Trilla, a Halloween concert put on by Throwed Fella Entertainment, in association with & Local Party Animalz. Serial Trilla took place at Smileys & Frankensteins bars in Southwest Houston Texas, and was sponsored by Sippin Syrup, Bombdiggidy Smoke Shop, Texas Crown Whiskey, Imperial Tattoo Company, and Agavales Tequila.

The show featured: Alibi Rankz, Byron Bank, Chane, t.h.e. MisFit Crazy 8, Franchise & Yung, GoREALah Soul, Dirty & Nasty, D-Risha, J Hurdy, Kyle Hubbard, Frankie G da Mex, Mike Ro, Renzo, Rivera, D-Frost, G-Money, Rob G, Silent of the Horsemen Alliance, Rob Gullate (formally known as Kritikal), Stick Up Kidz, Stereo Arcade, and the Forces. With DJ Creap, DJ Arsnik, DJ Ghost, & DJ Motai on the 1’s and 2’s.

Exciting times. As you can see, there where a shitton of artists set to perform for Serial Trilla. It was also the first time we where using our shiny new HD camera. It’s not actually shiny, but you get what I’m saying. So I was very excited to get some cool, high-quality footage. Did you know a 8GB memory card is highly insufficient for HD video? Well, I did not, until a few performances in. Luckily, DJ Motai had a SD card reader on his laptop, and we where able to dump the card each time it filled up.

That, along with it being multiple venues, and alas I am just one man, I was not able to catch every performance. Just about everyone, but I did miss a few. So that is the reason why we don’t have footage/pics from a few people. Just wanted to give y’all a heads up, we did not overlook them on purpose.

Would also like to shout out to the sponsors for the event: Sippin Syrup, who came with a very cool display, including smoke machine and all. Bombdiggidy Smokeshop, who brought out their mobile glassblowing setup, and made some glass pipes right there on the spot. Along with the Imperal Tattoo Company, and finally Texas Crown Whiskey & Agavales Tequila.

The rundown of the performances is going to be a little different this time. Again, because I was going back and forth from each venue, who’s stages where going simultaneously, I didn’t get to catch very much of each performance. Also not really sure on the order. So, I’m just going to run it down alphabetically for all of the acts that I did get a chance to see.

Death to Mainstream winner Alibi Rankz was in the building. His family came out to support, as always. It’s great that he has that support system, not everyone does. As always, Alibi wrecked it. If you have not heard his music yet, make sure to check it out now. Dope lyricist, with a positive message, over sick beats. Real Hip-Hop Shit.

Byron Bank also performed. Albeit a little later that scheduled. We’ve seen Byron once before at Richie Roc’s Hip Hop Takeover show. Another dope lyricist, with a positive message, and a great hardworking attitude. Him and his hype man always look genuinely happy to be performing, and they are always vibing to the music. Check him out. No ‘S’ on Byron Bank.

The homie Chane wrecked it as always. On some Dapper Rap Don shit, he was rocking the 3 piece suit. Looked official. He also had his wife on stage with him, also dressed very classy. They’re a classy couple. As you’d imagine if you’ve ever heard Chane’s music, or seen Chane perform, he bodied the stage. If you haven’t heard him, or his story, check him out. His passion for Hip-Hop shines through in everything he does.

R.S.A (Rogue Scholars Alliance) representative t.h.e. MisFit Crazy 8 also performed. With a different sound, but thoroughly Hip-Hop, he had a fun sort of set. He’s another artist that clearly loves to perform. Make sure you check out his music.

Franchise & Yung also destroyed the cordless mics at Frankensteins. Almost literally, as Yung’s mic was sort of cutting in and out a little bit. Regardless of that fact, which I’m sure was super frustrating, they had a good set. They’re a group who’s mixtape stays in the ride, so it’s always good to see them live.

GoREALah Soul + Dirty & Nasty was one set I really, really wanted to catch. Luckily I was able to see a few minutes of this highly entertaining set. GoREALah Soul, for those that don’t know, are professional party crashers. And they are very good at it. Dirty & Nasty are dope rappers, who also put on a great, and always entertaining stage show. The two of them combined? As they say in New Jersey, Forgettaboutit.

Shit was nuts. It was Halloween, so they where also all dressed up. In some crazy shit. They had dancers, a lanky guy with some sort of carnival mask playing the base, an 80’s TV playing an Old Halloween movie, and more randomness. Highly entertaining.

J-Hurdy closed out Smileys. He had his buddy Kooly on stage with him as usual. They always have a good set. I really enjoy the music. It is normally the same songs though, so I would love to here some different ones. But, I know not everyone goes to as many shows as me, so there trying to push the favorites to new listeners. I can dig it.

Kyle Hubbard also hit the stage. Or more appropriately the floor in Frankesteins. (There was not a stage in this location, more of a stage area.) He had an extra Houston set this night, all dope of course. If for some reason you have not heard Kyle yet, I highly recommend downloading this mixtape.

Mike Ro brought along fellow Ill Faded representative Domino for his set. They are some stage veterans, so they came with a solid performance. Mike also pointed out his sister in the crowd. Don’t think she wanted to be pointed out. Regardless though, cool that the family came out to support. You can buy Mike Ro’s latest album “Dirty Jobs” on iTunes.

Renzo showed up a bit early, and was hangin out with the other artists, and one of his friends he brought with. Check out our talk with them, his buddy had some great ideas for the site. Wish there would been more people for Renzo’s set, he went on a bit early, but he still killed it. That’s one thing I really respect about most of the artists we fuck with. They always put everything into their sets, regardless of the size of a crowd. That’s whats up, and professional.

Rivera, D-Frost, and G-Money rocked Frankensteins. I was only able to catch the tail end of their set. It was cool. They always have a lot of energy. Rivera slipped up a couple of the lines though. Other than that, it was a cool set from what I saw.

The homie Rob G came out as well. He actually rocked both stages. On a related note, expect some cool collaborations in the near future between him and REUPSpot. I was only able to catch his set at Frankensteins. Cool set. A bit shorter, but the performance was on point. Had the henney and coke ready for after his set as well.

Silent of the Horsemen Alliance showed up dressed formally, and wearing a king’s crown. Wouldn’t have pegged him for a pink tie kinda guy, but alright. He, like Chane, looked official. Just realized they where on the same stage too. The formal stage, as it where. He also spits with a lot of passion, and has a great live delivery of his bars. Good set.

Stereo Arcade opened up the Smiley’s stage. I believe I saw them at either the 1st or 2nd Turnin Headz I went to. They where fucking wild people on stage. Super entertaining show. Same sort of deal here. They had also brought along Bishop Black’s favorite artist out right now, Roderick Von.

Unfortunately, I only caught the last 40-50 seconds of The Forces show. So, can’t really comment on it, though I’m sure they wrecked it. Along with their performance slot, DJ Arsnik DJed the Frankensteins venue all night.

For the few artists I missed, sorry about that fellas. You already know we got you next time. Shouts out to all of the artists, DJs, sponsors, and fans for coming out to Serial Trilla. We truly appreciate it.

And yes, this was a little longer than the normal REUPSpot Live articles, I know. Lot more artists this time, what can ya do. Appreciate you rocking with me though throughout this mini-novel.

As always, below we have a bunch of videos, now in HD, and pictures from the show.

[nggallery id=28]

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