REUPSpot Live: Turnin Headz 1 Year Anniversary – Yung Truth, Stereo Arcade, Kyle Hubbard, Twenty Eleven, Hollywood Floss, hasHBrown, John Dew, and R.S.A

For this episode of REUPSpot Live, we where out at the Turnin Headz 1 Year Anniversary show featuring: Yung Truth, Doughbeezy, Stereo Arcade, Kyle Hubbard, Twenty Eleven, HasHbrown, Hollywood F.L.O.S.S., John Dew, and the Rogue Scholar Alliance. Brought to you by That Purple Bastard. With Hosts Renzo & Ensane, with Jay¢ee on the turntables.

This was the first Turnin Headz I had been to. (Somehow) It’s a popular showcase though, and That Purple Bastard brings in some dope talent. They’re starting to bring in people from out of town more often as well. It’s great for real hip-hop, they show lots of love. If your in Houston, you’ve most likely seen the Turnin Headz shirts, or at least That Purple Bastards logo plastered around the city, and in venues.

When I showed up, they offered me some cake, as it was the anniversary, they had Turnin Headz cake and cupcakes. So that was a dope touch. They’re also sponsored by Vitamin Water, so that a bunch of Vitamin Water, and free Turnin Headz shirts to give away.

Before any of the scheduled acts, they had an hour long freestyle session. I came in toward the end of it, but what I caught was dope. Franchise and Yung where freestyling, which was cool, because as you may remember we didn’t get a chance to see them perform at the Hip Hop Takeover show a few weeks back. And Loz the Lyricist went off with the vocab. It was real tight, check the videos for more.

The crowd was a good size when it started. First act was Yung Truth. Part of the Headwreckas Worldwide family. First time I had seen/heard his music. You may have checked out his tape “From the Dirt” I posted last week. Solid show. Toward the end of his set, he brought fellow Headwrecka family Doughbeezy up for a song. He’s got a good buzz on him right now, and is doing a lot of shows out here, and putting out music/videos. So be on the lookout for him, and the whole Headwreckas Worldwide family.

Next was the hype as shit performance of Stereo Arcade. This duo had a ridiculous amount of energy, and where everywhere. A good portion of their show took place in the crowd in front of the stage. But yeah, really dope music, and a very entertaining show. For sure want to see more from these guys.

Next up we had the homie Kyle Hubbard, and Twenty Eleven (both on Space City Records) doing a joint set. They basically went track for track, then did one song together. Kyle Hubbard always puts on a good show, and always gets into the music. If you haven’t heard Kyle’s track, Deep Green, off our latest mixtape, The South, you’ve got to check that out as well. Dope set.

Twenty Eleven is also another group that always got a lot of energy. Especially Brad, who likes to hang on to the rafters and swing around a bit. They’re a younger group, but they’ve been steady working, doing shows, putting out music, etc. I love the fact that they have a live drummer. Though, I’m bias as I use to play drums. Still, dope shit. The song them and Kyle did together was pretty cool. Honestly not something I would have pictured Kyle Hubbard on, but it was a good track.

Also, I don’t remember exactly at what point this was, but Dirty, of Dirty & Nasty, shot the performance portion for Renzo’s ‘Drinkin & Drivin’ music video he’s been working on. It’s a dope song, which we have Renzo performing on our Youtube, check it out. Basically Renzo was performing the song, while the crowd, all in Turnin Headz shirts, rocked out to the music. So be on the lookout for that video in the near future.

Hollywood F.L.O.S.S., HasHbrown, and John Dew are all rappers I’ve been hearing a lot about. I had never seen any of them live though until this night. All dope rappers, all put on a good show. I wish I would have gotten more video from there set for y’all to see, but I’ve got a good clip, which all of them take a turn. They also interact real well with each other on stage. For sure check that out, and look more into these 3.

After the last three, everything from here on out is Rogue Scholar Alliance.

D-Risha was next. Fuck D-Risha! Calm down, that’s the name of the dope song that he performed. This was only the 2nd time I’ve seen D-Risha perform, and he had a lot of energy this time as well. If you didn’t check out the songs/tape we posted of his, click here and get familiar. Hard worker, putting out good music, with good live shows.

Dirty & Nasty where next. I sort of feel like a I’m repeating myself a lot, in saying, that they had great energy. Not my fault a lot of the acts did though right? Gotta still say it, sorry. So yeah, these guys are hype as shit on stage. Every performance I’ve seen by them as been super hype, and entertaining. They also always have dope music. It’s a good combo.

The Forces, Mr. X And DJ Arsnik, are another group I’m familiar with, but have never seen live. Guess what? They had good energy as well. Must have been all the vitamin water, now that I’m thinking about it. DJ Arsnik even got up a spit a verse, which was cool. They’re more the party group of the R.S.A, and they did just that.

Then, unexpected to me, That Purple Bastard took the stage with Ensane for a song. They had a blast on stage, you could tell. We’ve got a video of that, so check it out.

Finally, was the Rogue Scholar Alliance track, with all members on it. Which sounds like it would be sort of a logistics problem, but they pulled it off pretty nicely for one of the first times the performed it live.

All in all, a great night of quality hip-hop & dope performances. Turnin Headz is a really cool showcase, that if your in Houston, I highly recommend you check out. First thursday of every month at the Mink Backroom.

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