REUPSpot Live: Turnin Headz: Blank Canvas 10.27.11 – New Swag Alliance, Sam Davis, Dirty Dog D, & Rob Gullatte

For this Episode of REUPSpot Live, we’re out at Turnin Headz: Blank Canvas, a monthly hip-hop showcase in Houston Texas. Put on by That Purple Bastard, hosted by Renzo & Ensane, with Jay ¢ee on turntables. This night they also had DJ Arsnik, host of Turnin Headz radio, DJing as well. Sponsored by Vitamin Water. This show featured: New Swag Alliance, Sam Davis, Dirty Dog D, Rob Gullatte (formerly Kritikal), and was held at Check Other Outfitters.

So, first Turnin Headz I had been to that was not at The Mink. It had previously been held at Mangos before The Mink, but that was prior to us starting our show coverage. Regardless, new owners at The Mink, and they’re not showing Hip-Hop, and the people that use to consistently put on shows there, any love. So simply put, fuck them.

Check Other Outfitters is the new place. It’s a clothing store in Houston, that is very supportive of the underground scene. Had been there once before actually, for Nasty Nique & That Purple Bastard’s release of “Breakfast of Bastards“. Cool spot, cool ownership. What a novel concept.

The one thing is the new shows are starting and ending earlier. So it was a little slower to start, and they pushed the normal opening freestyle session back. First act up, was New Swag Alliance.

Based on their name, I was skeptical. I highly dislike the word swag. I expected skinny jeans, and bright ‘ironic’ t-shirts. PBR’s and what not. (It was BYOB, after all.) Not the case though. They turned out to be pretty dope. They where both on point lyrically, and both had a faster sort of spitting style. Beats and topics where pretty Texas. Overall, good set, and I’m looking forward to seeing more from them. But I think they should change their name.

Sam Davis was next on deck. Not according to the flyer though. Shouts out to the artists that didn’t show…. Regardless, worked out well. Sam Davis was dope. He could use some more energy, as he mainly just stood there and spit his verse. The venue was a little weird though, so I’m sure that had something to do with it. Dope lyrically, and also on some Texas shit. I still have his “Pesos” song stuck in my head. Like as I type this. He also had Kab Da Don with him on that Pesos track, dude also wrecked it. More in a classic Houston fashion, which I grew up on, so for sure can dig it. If you can’t, as Kab suggested, feel free to “WALK THE PLANK HOE”.

Dirty Dog D, 1/2 of Dirty & Nasty (and 1/6 of our Round Table panel), rocked the mic next. Dirty always has a lot of energy on stage. An amount of energy I would have never guessed by just interacting with him. He’s generally pretty calm and what not. Until he’s on stage, then the giant chains come out, and he goes nuts. Tracks are dope, lyrics on point, all with a pretty unique sound. Y’all also be on the lookout for the new Dirty & Nasty album coming soon. Videos as well. Should be very dope.

After Dirty Dog D’s show, there was a freestyle session. Not as big as it normally was at the previous place I’m no longer mentioning, but it still went off. Bishop Black of course jumped in, and bodied it. He tends to do that. A few others went up as well as the smaller crowd mingled.

Rob Gullatte (formerly Kritikal) then stopped by to finish out the show. Renzo was telling me all night this dude was dope, so I was looking forward to it. Renzo wasn’t lying (of course), Rob was on point. Another artist with solid lyrics, and a faster spitting style. Some head nodding verses. An overall southern sound, but with lyrics any coast could enjoy/appreciate. So much so, we had him out for the Serial Trilla Halloween show we did. So yeah, check him out.

So, that concluded the first Turnin Headz: Blank Canvas held at Check Other Outfitters. Looking forward to the next one. Which, is coming up this Friday (11.11.11). If your in Houston, make sure to come check it out. (Check Other Outfitters is located on 2507 Bagby Street in Houston, Texas)

Videos below. No pictures this time, as the show landed during the time we where waiting on our new HD DSLR camera. Which, we now have! So, expect HD videos for all of our show coverage in the future. Enjoy!

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