REUPSpot Live: Turnin Headz: Blank Canvas 12.1.11 – Young G Da Beast, Wayword, & Twank Star

For this Episode of REUPSpot Live, we were out at Turnin Headz: Blank Canvas (12.1.11), a monthly hip-hop showcase in Houston Texas. Put on by That Purple Bastard, Hosted by Renzo & Ensane, with Jay ¢ee on turntables, and sponsored by Vitamin Water. This show featured: Young G Da Beast, Wayword, Twank Star, with special guest DJ Arsnik on Turntables, and was held at Check Other Outfitters.

New month at Turnin’ Headz means new music. Not going to see the same act twice. That, along with the diversity of types of hip-hop, are some of the reasons I love Turnin Headz. December’s lineup showcased that diversity pretty well.

First act up was Young G Da Beast. He seemed pretty distracted by the fact we were video taping and taking pictures. Became pretty apparent this was one of his first times performing live. He seemed nervous, which was causing him to get off beat/slip up on lines. So, didn’t really get a chance to hear the music that much. But, he did get up there, and that is the first step. We’ll be interested in seeing him live after he gets some more experience.

Wayword was next on deck. Here in lies the diversity of Turnin Headz. Wayword’s style is more abstract, like that of Aesop Rock, or even Evak, an act we saw at a previous Turnin Headz. The lyrics, which at times sound like a random collection of words, are a bit more open to interpretation than most straight-forward hip-hop lyrics. I can dig it though. Not the sort of thing I generally listen to, but when in the right mood, it’s often perfect. Regardless, I love the variations in hip-hop these days. Hooray for originality. Also, his delivery, flow, and lyricism were on point.

There was a nice freestyle session in between Wayword and the closing act. I’m liking these sessions a little later in the night, rather than kicking the show off. Had a lot of people jump in this time.

Final act of the night, was Twank Star. He was fairly easy to spot. What with having a huge shirt that said “TWANK STAR” across it in bright colors. His tracks were dope. He had a smooth, laid back delivery and flow, with very solid lyrics. One of his tracks, on which he mocked popular radio, he started off with a sarcastic chant of “Swag, Swag, Swag”, which was great. I fucking hate the word swag. In the words of Kyle Hubbard, “If you’re saying’ swag, you don’t know what swagger is”.

(On a radio-related note, 97.9 The Box does not support local music. Actually in some instances they attack it. Sign the petition and join the movement to take back our local radio waves. Also, support the online radio station

So, another night of dope music, good networking, and cheap beer I bought from the liquor store across the street. Good times had by all. If your in Houston, make sure to come check out the next Turnin Headz: Blank Canvas on January 5th, 2012, featuring: K-Dogg, Iceman, Van Solo, & Justified, with Representer DJ Creap as special guest DJ.

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