REUPSpot Live: Turnin Headz: Blank Canvas 3.1.12 – Trajik Sol, Ayubu 4P, & Abstract Cannon

For this Episode of REUPSpot Live, we were out at Turnin Headz: Blank Canvas (3.1.12), a monthly hip-hop showcase in Houston Texas. Put on by That Purple Bastard, Hosted by Renzo & Ensane, with Jay ¢ee on turntables, and sponsored by Vitamin Water. This show featured: Trajik Sol, Ayubu 4P, & Abstract Cannon with special guest DJ Arsnik on Turntables, and was held at Check Other Outfitters.

Jay ¢ee, the Turnin Headz DJ, was the first set, under his production name ‘Trajik Sol’. So he basically mixed beats live. This was the first beat set they ever had a Turnin Headz as well. More of an electronic feel to a lot of the beats, and overall dope. I forget the name of the new production toy he was using, but he told me it was basically brand new. So be on the look out for more production.

Following Trajik/Jay, was Ayubu 4P. Originally hailing from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa, I believe this was one of the first, if not THE first, international performance at Turnin Headz. Lot’s of firsts tonight, it seems. He for sure had an original sound. All of the tracks were very positive and uplifting as well, which I like. He does need a little work on the delivery of the songs though. But other than that, he’s got a cool, original sound.

The freestyle session followed Ayubu’s performance. Because this was the night when Turnin Headz fam announced who got spots on their SXSW stage, the audience was packed full of eager rappers seeing if they made the cut. So, needless to say, had plenty of talent for the session. Nice little cypher, make sure to check out that video.

The final act of the night was Abstract Cannon. I have been seeing him on Facebook, and out at some of the local events recently, but had never heard his music/seen him perform. Cool set. Lyrically, he’s sort of a mix of conscious rap, and the Houston style. Sometimes more the former, sometimes more the latter. Performance wise, he had a good amount of energy, and made use of the ‘stage’ area well. On a few of the tracks though, his delivery could have been improved. Particularly when he did his track with Danny Watts, which was dope, I don’t think his delivery was as solid as the other tracks. Overall, a dope set though. Looking forward to hearing more.

And that was that, folks. As I mentioned earlier in the post, this night they also announced who would be performing at their Turnin Headz SXSW show in Austin. Because that has already passed though, didn’t feel the need to mention all of the people chosen. (Congrats to everyone that was.) But be on the lookout for our SXSW coverage, including the Turnin Headz stage, coming soon.

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