REUPSpot Live: Turnin Headz Blank Canvas 5.3.12 – J Mak, Doublebe, M.I.C, Young Kid Jay & Smashsational

For this Episode of REUPSpot Live, we were out at Turnin Headz: Blank Canvas (5.312), a monthly hip-hop showcase in Houston Texas. Put on by That Purple Bastard, Hosted by Renzo & Ensane, with Jay ¢ee on turntables, and sponsored by Vitamin Water. This show featured: J Mak, Doublebe, Young Kid Jay + Smashsational , and was held at Check Other Outfitters.

So first off, sad to say, this was the last Turnin Headz at Check Other Outfitters. Tommy Bumps, the store’s owner had to close the doors a few weeks ago. Tommy Bumps & Check Other Outfitters were always super-supportive of the local hip-hop community. They were very welcoming, and truly cared about the culture. So big shout out to Tommy and the C.O.O crew for always supporting REUPSpot, Turnin Headz, and hip-hop in general. We sincerely appreciate it. (Turnin Headz however, will obviously continue. New venue info coming soon.)

With that being said, the last C.O.O T.H. show, was a good one. Started the night off with J Mak. We met him a long time ago, at the beginning of the REUP Live Series. Honestly can’t remember if we saw him perform or not. He’s got a really positive message and outlook in his music. I’d characterize it as grown folks music, which I enjoy. Delivery & energy level could have used work in some areas, but overall, it was a good set.

Following the homie J Mak, was Smashsational. His performance was great; full of energy and personality. He had a pretty commanding delivery, and held the crowds attention. Music was dope, got one of the tracks stuck in my head for a while (Heyyy there Hater I see youuuu). Overall, dope set. Also, his album cover is fucking ridiculous. In a funny way.

At some point, I believe it was after Smashsational, a rapper named M.I.C. performed a few songs. Not a full set. Regardless though, dude spit some fire. Had dope lyrics, some really great punchlines, and overall high-energy tracks. Really wish he wouldn’t have used the backing vocals. ‘Stage’ performance was pretty good, decent amount of energy. Didn’t expect that much energy from him. Not sure why, but I didn’t. Overall, dope music and good performance. Be on the lookout for more from M.I.C on REUP soon.

Young Kid Jay followed the random performance of M.I.C. Beats were pretty jamming. Lyrics across the board were decent. Nothing extraordinary from what I heard. He did say he was the best to ever do it though, so there’s that. Energy level was pretty good, and he tried to keep the crowd engaged his whole performance.

Next up, was the freestyle session. Which, for the first few minutes, was basically just M.I.C & Nasty Nique passing the mic back and forth. They got a few other rappers involved toward the end. Loz the Lyrac3st jumped on, and he always bodies that shit. Cool little session.

Closing out the night, was Doublebe of the Headwreckas Crew. Headwreckas was in the building deep to show support. I had never heard or seen Doublebe before, but it was a dope show. He clearly likes to perform. He got the audience involved, went nuts dancing to his music, and just generally seemed to have a good time on stage. Which made the crowd have a good time. Lyrics were dope as well. Covered a few different topics, and kept it interesting. Make sure to check out his performance videos below. Also, we recently covered the KAB da Don Warehouse Live show, which Doublebe performed at, so expect more coverage soon.

And that concluded the last Turnin Headz at Check Other Outfitters. Once again, just want to give a shoutout to Tommy Bumps and C.O.O for their constant support of Houston Hip-Hop. As always, videos and pictures below.

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