REUPSpot Live: UGP, Bishop Black, D-Risha, & Dat Boy Poyo Live @ 20 Below – 11.19.11

For this episode of REUPSpot Live, we where out at 20 Below Sports Bar in Katy Texas. The show featured performances by Dat Boy Poyo, D-Risha, Bishop Black, and UGP with DJ Creap on the Turntables. Show was sponsored by HighLife Smokeshop on Fry Road, Sippin Syrup, along with yours truly,

Was very excited for this show. First one that my younger brother was able to make it to. He’s a Marine stationed in San Diego, so obviously, Houston/Katy would be quite the commute for him normally. Hooray for the Holidays. So yeah, that was very cool.

Anyway, on to things that people other than me and mine care about. Beside the aforementioned reason, I was also looking forward to the lineup. D-Risha & Bishop Black are both some of my favorite live acts. They go bananas on stage.

First act up, was UGP, or Underground Pipeline. The lead guy has a really raspy voice. I know when I said that, you may have thought of what a raspy voice sounds like to you. Multiple whatever you thought of by 10. Makes for some grimey ass tracks, though. And overall, I was really feeling UGP’s music this time around. Sound, energy, and delivery where on point. Be on the lookout for these guys, they stay working. They always have 103 (give or take) new things going on when I talk to them.

Bishop Black, complete with afghan scarf and some sort of wrist/forearm protectors, was up next. One of the acts I mentioned as being bananas. His set was just that. Shit-ton of energy, which led him to hop into the crowd, and onto of speakers, several times. He also ventured out into the crowd to serenade some random bar-goer for one of his tracks. Solid set, and I’ve had one of the songs stuck in my head since I edited the videos. In a good way.

The Mighty D-Risha was next on deck. Rockin’ the Good Shirt, which I’ve been seeing more of lately, Risha didn’t hesitate to let lose on the stage. His tracks are very dope, so make sure you download his latest mixtape if you have not yet. The delivery is always solid, and I love his energy and interactions with the crowd. Jumping into them, and what not. Very hype performance.

Now, before I get to the next performance, just want to say, Dat Boy Poyo is that dude. He’s always been super supportive of REUPSpot, and an all around cool person to deal with. You have got to make sure to check out the pictures below, where you’ll see Poyo rockin’ his customized T-Shirt. Says ‘Day Boy Poyo Hendrix’ and ‘Products of Pain’. Also, it glows in the dark. So that is what the fucks up.

Poyo also always kills it. He switches up between normal paced-spitting, and Twista-speed, machine gun spitting. This was one of those Uzi nights. That shit was crazy. We caught a little of it in the videos below, but make sure you fuck with his music for a lot more. Poyo also brought Lito Ducketts and D-Frost, of Throwed Fella Entertainment up for a couple songs, and an impromptu freestyle session. Lito had a lot of energy, and seemed more determined than usual. D-Frost was having a good time with it, but forgot some of his lines.

Also, we did things a little differently. When you bought your ticket at the show ($5) you where also given a raffle ticket. DJ Creap called out winners throughout the night, who won Limited Edition T-Shirts, Glass Pipes from HighLife Smokeshop, Sippin Syrup, and (2) $25 Bar Tabs from Local Party Animalz. So a show plus free shit. Everyone loves free shit.

All in all, dope night of Hip-Hop. Make sure you check out the videos and pictures below. Also, if you haven’t yet, check out our YouTube Channel for a whole lot more Live Hip Hop Videos, Artist Interviews, Roundtable Discussions, and more.

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