REUPSpot Live: ‘Watch the Bishop’ – Bishop Black’s Concert/Birthday Bash

For this episode of REUPSpot Live, we where out at the Jet Lounge for ‘Watch The Bishop’, a live show/party to celebrate Bishop Black‘s (of Stereo Arcade) Birthday. The lineup was stacked, and featured: Bishop Black, Richie Roc, D-Risha, Dirty & Nasty, Franchise & Yung, The Forces, Roderick Vonn, T.h.e. Misfit Crazy 8, Frankie G, & Sokal.

Jet Lounge is the same venue Frankie G da Mex had his mixtape release party recently. It’s a cool little spot. Now even better for me and my fellow cigarette smokers, as they now have a smoking patio. But half of you don’t care, I know, so I digress.

First act up was Sokal, who is the other half of Stereo Arcade, along with the shows host and Birthday Celebrator, Bishop Black. We’ve covered them as a group in a past episode of REUPSpot Live. As a group, they have crazy energy, and made for a very entertaining show. This night was a more laid back atmosphere, and a smaller crowd, so I think that led to Sokal’s reduction in energy from the last time we saw him. I’m also really not a fan of playing your lyrics on the show tracks.

Dirty & Nasty, made up of Dirty Dog D & Nasty Nique, where up next. I knew they we’re about to come up, because I saw Dirty was now wearing his crazy large gold rope chain he sometimes dawns onstage. They’re one of my favorite live shows, as they are hype as shit, and you see the passion they have for their music when they’re performing it. Along with a couple crowd favorites, they each played a solo song off their respective projects. Dope tracks, over dope beats. Be on the look out for the new group album Black Gold coming soonish.

The homies Franchise & Yung where up next. Some more familiar faces, if you’ve been following our REUPSpot Live series. I will once again direct you to their mixtape if you have for some reason yet to jam it. They’ve got a laid back style, but still spit their bars with energy. I’ve seen them several times, and you can also see the progression in their stage show. They are overall more confident, and more commanding on stage.

Next on deck party people, are The Forces. I say party people, because they are the RSA’s (Rouge Scholar Alliance) Party Connoisseurs. DJ Arsnik on the turntables, or 1 and 2’s if you’d prefer, and Mr.X on the mic. Sometimes DJ Arsnik is on the mic as well, though. That was case this night, as both where spitting verses. They started the show off with a liquor shot, on stage, naturally. Verses where cool, beats as well. Good party music.

The next act up was introduced as Bishop Black’s new favorite artist. Which, as it turns out, is Roderick Vonn. Never had heard of him, or any of his music. He sang as well as rapped. Lyrically speaking dude was on point, and had a good flow to his verses. I’d like to hear some more of his music. Assuming the first song he did that night was the only track with a reference to skinny jeans..

After Bishop’s favorite, T.h.e. MisFit Crazy 8, who brought along Juggernaut Jones for his set, took to the nice-sized stage. One of the first things Juggernaut let everyone know, was just how drunk he was. Only because he kept saying it. Had it not, I would not have known. They where having fun with it though, and I actually think the booze helped him to be a bit wilder on stage.

T.h.e. MisFit Crazy 8’s lyrics, and tracks as a whole, where dope. He is a lyricists without question, but also has a different style then most. The topics are general about real life issues, and all seem pretty personal. Paired up with some, again I must say ‘different’, beats, it makes for dope hip-hop. I say different, because there just that. Not a great way to describe them, other than all over the place, but fitting for each song.

Mr. I-10 Ent, Frankie G da Mex, was next to hop onstage. Seriously, this lineup was stacked, and we still have several dope acts to go. Including the aforementioned Frankie G. He’s got a solid stage show, and is very comfortable spitting his tracks, and controlling the stage. Make sure you come out to our Halloween Show, Serial Trilla, and catch him live in action.

Now the reason for the season. Although, that phrase just barely works in this instance. Regardless, Bishop Black, Show Host & Birthday Celebrator, was next up to grace the stage. The other half of Stereo Arcade, Bishop without fail, has an insane amount of energy when rocking a stage. Or on a bar. Or wherever the platform is, really.

He wrote a song specifically for tonight, about the event, and even included shoutouts to all of the artists performing. Cool stuff, and a bit unexpected. He’s pretty rapid fire on the mic, as far as spitting. Lyrics are dope, and the couple tracks he performed tonight, especially the last, had pretty sick beats. Also, needless to say, the celebratory birthday crowd was really diggin’ Bishop’s set.

Richie Roc is another one of my favorite live acts. His live set is dope, how he strings the songs together. He generally also includes some old school cuts and samples, and other little ‘tidbits’ (for lack of a much better word..) that really get the crowd rocking with him. If you haven’t heard his music, download his Thinking Out Loud mixtape, and check for yourself. Please tell me know if you don’t think it’s crack. Also let me know what the fuck is wrong with you.

The homie D-Risha was the final act we saw. D Risha had been up there most of the night showing support, and was clearly having a blast. He brought that energy on stage, and got the RSA-friendly crowd signing along to his tracks. One of which recently won an award in the Houston Press, by the way. Even cooler part? We have that whole song in a video below. So, you can check out the Houston slang, with the live version.

This was one helluva line-up. Lots of dope acts, and the environment of the show was great. I know Bishop would have liked a few more people to show up, but not everything is going to be packed. Everyone that was there, was having a great time, and jamming out to many-a hour of dope Houston Hip Hop. I’d say it was a good night, and a great way to celebrate your Birthday.

As always, videos and pictures below. (Also check out the YouTube Playlist for a convenient list of all videos) Enjoy.

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