REUPSpot Presents: Hip Hop Horror Show (10.31.09)

Mixtape coming on October 31st, I’m giving you the information, tracklisting, and artwork for now. REUPSpot Presents: Hip Hop Horror Show. While kids are trick-or-treating, and girls are dressing like sluts for Halloween, we’re bringing you dope music. REUP style Halloween Bash. Since we stay about quality music, we’ve got a concept going for this tape: Trick-Or-Treat/Grime & Shine. We’ve got the hottest emcees, bringing you both grimey shit, and good time music. The tape is hot as always, and is mixed by Nastee & DJ A-Dog. Mixtape coming October 31st. Re-tweet it, facebook it, text it, myspace it, blog about it, spread the word!

On Tuesday (October 27th) night I will be Ustreaming bits and pieces of the mixtape at 10pm EST.



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