What does this project stand for?

As you know our government has handed out several of its own bailouts for the economy. It is now time for hip hop to be given a bailout delivered by its artists. A bailout from the negativity of the recession. A bailout away from ringtone rap. A bailout from washed out fads. A bailout that will signify what hip hop truly stands for.A bailout that will prove the upcoming artists have the talent for mainstream attention. A bailout which sways the attention from billboard charts and gives it to the hard working,independent artists that have been on a constant grind.



1. Fin – C.B.TV
2. Heartbreaker – PreMiere
3. OooohhHH Ft. Charles Hamilton – Yung Nate
4. Run It – Milk
5. Money to Blow – The Dropouts
6. The Highest – A.L.I.E.N.S.
7. Take You To The Top Ft. Charles Hamilton – Yung Nate
8. What’s up Money – Young Brizz
9. Big Wheels Ft. P.ersonal, Quest, Barz Vic, Amor Jones – Thelonious
10. Underline Fresh – S.I.R.
11. A Day in my Life – Psyko South
12. Mary Tyler Moore – Jay Curry
13. Across The Room – Vince Staples, Lavish, & Steve Sincere
14. Exit Here – A.Dd+
15. Future Sound – No Future
16. Frank Ramz – Not Too Far

Here you get it unmixed, no DJ..I told y’all September 7th NO LATER. So on September 7th you get it.

I want to shoutout (in no specific order) C.B. TV, PreMiere, Charles Hamilton & (WhereIsCharlesHamilton?) , Yung Nate & Deal With No Deal, Milk (Mixtape coming September 10th, yall get that Exclusively on REUPSPOT), Young Brizz, The Dropouts, P.ersonal (Sydney In Theory coming…TBA), AmorJones, Quest, Vince Staples, Thelonious, Jay Curry, Add Plus, Lavish, Frank Ramz & (Pigeonsandplanes), Steve Sincere, Future Sound (FuturexSound WP), Big Rela & Vice Grippz over at Psyko South (both got projects coming very soon). What Up BackToPluto, Dweeb, Otakuswagger, and all our other continuous supporters. Thanks to all the bloggers, viewers, and down loaders that continue to visit the site. Yo Show…maybe next time? (He was going to be a part of this, but couldn’t due to producer issues.) Oh yeah, how did I forget, Thanks to the REUPSPOT staff. A special thanks to Nick Mar for doing the artwork.

Share this tape with your friends (on and offline), family, workers,…etc.
Put it on your blog, you got friends with a blog? Tell them to put it on their blog.
This music deserves all the attention possible.

The Bailout can be found on:
Deal With No Deal
FutureSound WP
Psyko South

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