As today has been a super busy day for me, the Hip Hop world has been also. Today I present you music videos from Eddie Rap Life, Jared Evan & Kid Cudi. Teaser videos from the ILLZ & Neako. Radio interviews with JY and 50 Cent. Also a video of FaShawn buying his copy of his album.

Eddie Rap Life – Rock N Roll Memorabilia (prod. Travis Barker)

Neako – The Rubix Cube: Blue Edition Promo

Neako – The Rubix Cube Blue Edition Promo Video from NEAKO BAILEY on Vimeo.

FaShawn buying his own album

The ILLZ – The Pursuit LP (Teaser)

50 Cent On Working w/ The Game

Jared Evan – Frozen

Here is the first visual off Jared Evan’s Radio In My Head mixtape titled Frozen which is also featured on Lebron James’ More Than A Game OST. I remember showing the original version of this video to Puff during a studio session and he was like “Who is that kid, I want to meet him now!” After that moment it was pretty clear that Jared would get a shot and not only would he get a shot but his calling card to the labels would be in the form of a music video presentation. I’m not sure if that’s ever happened before but I do feel good knowing that a video that was driven purely by artistic passion lead to a very gifted kid realizing his dreams. – Rik Cordero

J.Y. – Good*Fella Radio Interview

In this episode of Good*Fella Radio “Hip-Hop Series” we caught up with Jersey’s own J.Y. We discussed how he feels coming up in the game and being from New Jersey. He also discussed his parents influence in his music, and his father passing away. We wrapped up the interview by discussing future projects, and J.Y gives us some fresh bars at the end.

KiD CuDi x Dallas Penn – Alive (Unofficial Official Fanboy Ish)

Cudi’s album has been enjoyable to me almost as much as the DOOM album from earlier this year. While I don’t consider Kid Cudi to be a lyricist on par with DOOM I do think Cudi knows how to make music that you can feel outside of the normal boundaries of rap. Is Kid Cudi Hip-Hop? Hell yes. Cudi’s music exists so that future artists don’t have to copy the themes or styles of performers that may not suit them. Cudi is making his own lane. That is Hip-Hop. – Dallas

Alive (Unofficial Official Fanboy Ish) from dallas penn on Vimeo.

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