Alot of great music videos today with some interesting interviews. Clipse talk about Pharrell’s threats, Slim Thug talks skinny jeans, and to finish the night off we have an interview with Nardwuar & Kid Cudi.

Sha Stimuli – Change (One Shot)

Rihanna ft. Young Jeezy – Hard

Illecism – TheMashUp Interview/Freestyle

TheMashUp.Net x Illecism from themashup916 on Vimeo.

Clipse x XXL

“[Pharrell will] love something and I’ll be like, ‘Yo, who is that moving,’ and it’ll be good, but…like, ‘That ain’t disrupting radio,’” Pusha explained. “And then we’ll get into, ‘Yo, it ain’t this record’ or ‘It ain’t that record.’ Then an argument ensues and he’ll tell everybody to get out the studio…and he’ll come back 40 minutes later with something, like ‘If you don’t take this I’m calling Hov, right now, I’ma call him. And he gonna take this, it’s gonna be the biggest record ever… I’m calling Puff.’ He’ll name any name that he just knows will get under my skin when I hear that they got something good that we should have.”

Slim Thug – HipHop Beef Interview

Young Jeezy Is AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted…

Royce da 5′9″ & Big Sean at Capital Five Records

Raekwon – Pyrex Vision

Skewby – Talk 2 em’

RH TV: Who Is Kid Sister?

RH TV: Who Is Kid Sister? from Ruby Hornet on Vimeo.

Lupe Fiasco Discusses Summit On The Summit

Nardwaur Vs Kid Cudi

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