REUSpot Live: Turnin Headz: Blank Canvas 8-4-11 – Franchise & Yung, Cooley Kimble, Undergravity, and Real Individual Music (R.I.M.)

For this episode of REUPSpot Live, we’re out at Turnin’ Headz: Blank Canvas. A hip-hop showcase held the first thursday of every month at The Mink Backroom in Houston Texas. Hosted by That Purple Bastard & sponsored by Vitamin Water. This show was featuring: Franchise & Yung, Cooley Kimble, Undergravity, and Real Individual Music (R.I.M.).

As always, the night kicked off with a (roughly) hour long freestyle session. It was a bit slow to pick up, but then it really picked up. There was a large group of people on stage, all working to get a hold of one of the two mics. Some good shit. A couple people I did not expect to freestyle, and they ended up doing really well. We’ve got a couple minutes of video from the freestyle session, make sure to check that out.

First act up, Franchise & Yung. A local Houston duo, who’s been dropping some dope music lately. Check out there mixtape Launching Pad 2 if you have not yet. A lot of the production work on that tape is by Franchise also. They’re stage show is good. Yung in particular is very confident on the mic. The music, as I mentioned, is dope. Solid lyricism, over solid production. Real topics, Real rap. Check these guys out.

Real Independent Music (R.I.M.) was next up. They, in what now seems to be a trend among local rappers, performed with a live band. I’m loving that. The real instruments add a lot. The band seemed to be jamming amongst each other though, just in how they where positioning themselves. It would have been cool if they where integrated a bit more in the show. Overall, music was good, and the show was entertaining. They also where up at a time in the night when it was pretty crowded, so they had the crowd rockin with them.

After R.I.M came Cooley Kimbley and fam. If you’ve been tuning in for past episodes ofREUPSpot Live, you’ll have seen Cooley before. Even on the last Live post. Always an energetic show. I do wish they performed some different tracks, as I’ve heard the same couple every time they go up.

Last act up was Undergravity. I haven’t heard much from this group. The couple tracks they did this night where pretty dope though. Southern style beats, with pretty solid lyrics spit aggressively over them. I’ve got to find a copy of their tape, and share it with y’all. Until then, check out the videos below for a live performance of Undergravity.

Also wanted to thank everyone for coming out. Doughbeezy was also in attendance, which is dope. He’s making moves, about to go on tour with Dom Kennedy, yet he still comes out to Turnin’ Headz and the other local events and shows support for artists. That’s whats up.

Like always, below we have some videos and pictures from the night. Also, make sure to check out the website for information on the next show. First Thursday of every month, in Houston, it goes down.

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