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World View, the First-Ever 100% For-Charity Global Hip Hop Album. All proceeds go to World View charity Guns 4 Cameras, a 501c3 nonprofit that goes beyond the gun-exchange program, working to eradicate street violence through the Hip Hop-inspired education and empowerment of our at-risk youth.

1. Gas Land

Awkword & Chaundon spit some frightening statistics on fracking… which is beginning to sadly take over my home state too. Verse one Awkword gives us a history lesson on fracking. Verse two Awkword educates us on the dangers of fracking to me, you & our earth. Chaundon speaks on how the greed of the companies make the higher ups look the other way at all of the dangers.

“We gon frack for freedom, we gon frack for freedom
And this award goes to the best frack of the evening
In Gas Land they Hollywood, think they act as we would
But where we live we like, hands off, frack ya own hood”

2. Throw Away The Key

Awkword isn’t very happy about of prison numbers. “On Injustice, Inequality and Incarceration”

3. Bars & Hooks

This Harry Fraud beat drops then Incomparable Shakespeare spits…

“It’s all about bars and hooks
We in the ‘hood with cop cars and crooks
We keep it movin’, though”

This track defines the East Coast & NYC!

Sean Price begins his verse with some funny but hard hitting lyrics (the typical P! lines)

“Man, you cats ain’t slick and your raps ain’t shit
I ain’t been the same since I ate paint chips
Amazing how I rip and ride reckless
Record a song and I’m gone – Slip-N-Slide Records”

Awkword’s verse is full of shots at the industry. “Amazing how I spit on a record – it go “POW!”
Amazing how you shit on a record – it slow down”

The Kid Daytona’s verse doesn’t really hit with any substance until mid verse…then he makes you forget the first half (thankfully).

4. Penny

This is a song about a failed relationship, and a girl named “Penny”. The sample used by Dismas is beautiful. Awkword keeps it real over a very smooth flow the entire song. I’m sure most can relate to this track!

5. The People’s Champion

This song takes a small step away from politics and just spit some grimy, braggin lyrics.

6. Got Class?

Hahaha, Awkword is very blunt on this one. He raps about a one night stand and how he isn’t interested in turning a girl available as a one night stand into a wife. Straight to the point funny track!

7. Notorious

While paying tribute to B.I.G., all the artists spit about looking out for each other and lending a hand instead of fighting a senseless civil war. Fresh Nerd has a catchy ass beat here too.

8. Doctor Doctor

If you can’t tell from the title… Awkword & GuessWho? are ILL & this song proves that.

9. Requiem

This track features CuzOH! Black, Ess Vee, Jay Daniels, Mark Deez & SoulStice.
Awkword gets dark with his verse “Elusive this lucidness, you float like a butterfly
And every track mark’s another note of your lullaby”. & following that you get the powerful hook…

“I’m your frat party, blow it up your nose, my son
In your Ed Hardy, pour it, tilt, get drunk
Let’s get it started, light it, smoke, get dumb
I’m The Requiem, shoot it up ya vein, get numb”

SoulStice is rhyming words you wouldn’t think rhyme…this verse is sick. Just go listen.

I’ll let Ess Vee explain his verse; “In terms of music, I’m the pill and I become one within your subconscious. Music has that power to be easily embedded. I also keep it real with every bar I drop, Hip Hop needs more lyrics.”

CuzOh keeps it edgy, but smooth on his closing verse.

10. Melting Pot (Made In America)

Man, I don’t know what to really say about this track. It is all over the place, but it all makes perfect sense. Now that I think of it…that kind of explains the song. I don’t know just listen to it. Chaundon & Awkword both come correct on the song & it might be my favorite off of the entire project too. I’m just having a hard time putting into words what it means to me. It’s a beautiful mess…America. “We didn’t ask for this, but we did inherit her”

11. Rape

This is a brave track & Awkword perfectly executes it. There are no excuses for rape, none. Warning this song is graphic, but for a good reason.

12. Rap Genius


13. It’s Not Possible

This song is all about the flow & it’s REALLY catchy on this Recluse Crew production.

“Save the fighting for the revolution, Black Sabbath
I’m trying to be Beckham, kicking all a these, habits
I should be home with my girl or in the lab rapping”

14. #AaronSwartz

Caution this suicide prevention song is a tear jerker. LAW’s guitar and vocals are a prefect match with the sincerity of Awkword’s verses. R.I.P.

15. The World Is Yours

I’m the biggest Sha Stimuli fan…He always spits the truth with a flawless flow. You’ll get lost in Dominant1 produced track.

16. Imperialism

Don’t be scared to fight for your rights. C-Ray Walz & Reks make for a great feature.

17. Radio 2.0

A laundry list of features including KRS-One speak on how the radio may be the very thing destroying “real” hip hop. The radio definitely does not help the upcoming artists as it used to. It’s full of the same tracks over and over as they mention. There is really nothing you can disagree with on this track. I’m glad this song is on the project. Wish a protest (as KRS-ONE mentions) would actually help change the radio, but it won’t.

18. Metal Music

El Gant, ILL Bill, Tenacity & Blame One are featured on this hard hitting banger. Hilarious that Awkword chose this song to follow “Radio 2.0”. Because as the hook says “And this ain’t for the radio”. The reasoning behind that? Because it’s full of BARRRRRS.

19. Go!

The song about never giving up during the struggles of life features Joell Ortiz, Maya Azucena & Slug. Awkword kicks it off over this uplifting Domingo beat with a few personal bars (which he hasn’t been shy about putting himself out there to the public the entire album).

Slug keeps the positivity going with lines like…

“I got a whole lot a words for thirst
But the rest of the search, depends on the work
Standing on top of this dirt, so let me celebrate
It’s another day, for us to elevate”

Like it or not Joell isn’t going to keep striving for more success… Haters beware!

The a’capella by Maya Azucena is KILLER. What a beautiful, uplifting track to end an inspiring album with. The placement of this track shows the genius of Awkword.

Want to know more about the album? Go read about it here.

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