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This is my first official review or breakdown, whatever you want to call it…just know I’m doing this because the project is that inspiring. D. Julien has heavy production from Buzz, King I Divine, Kyle Justice, Clyde Strokes, Selasse, Chris Lewis, Jimba Frosty & Bahama Beats with two features from Young Scolla & Tolu. When D. says this project is “200% me”, I find it to be an understatement. The project themes around progression to tomorrow as he shares real experiences, memories, relationships, etc… D. Julien gets very personal on this project, with every track serving a different purpose/message. I’m not going to rate this, because it is too great for any rating… I’m just breaking down the tracks to share it with you in efforts that you download/listen, if you haven’t already.

A pretty inspiring clip (wish I knew what it was from).

Ready For Tomorrow
It starts off with a voicemail from a manager giving D. Julien a job offer, which he proceeds to sing “And you know I had to leave that…to do this. Julien speaks on job, money, school, & friend struggles, but regardless he stays ‘ready for tomorrow’. At the end of the track D. Julien sums up the track by saying “welcome to my life”.

Clyde Strokes provides one hell of a beat to set the mood on this one. I’ll let D. explain this track though. “I keep my grass cut look out for these snakes here & I keep my both eyes up on this paper. Ain’t worried bout the fame, know that we get it later…”

All I Know
From women, rough living, thinking about his life, cruisin’ down the road, haters, his expectations, music & more… It’s all he knows, he keeps it true in his music.

Jimba Frosty gave D. a beat that he could just be lyrical as shit on & have fun. He spitting about havin fun, women, living life to the fullest, sippin’ on wine (which all his fans should know he loves to do) and vibin’ to the beat of life.

D. Julien gives thanks to the Lord he is still alive out of all his younger homies & shares his love for his family during the chorus on this one. The verses serve pretty much the same purpose, except gets more elaborate on maturing & surviving.

In Life
The second track produced by King I Divine (he also produced Die) is my favorite beat on the project. D. Julien speaks on giving his all to every day no matter the struggles. He brings up certain life events that would break the average man, but with his back up on the wall he keeps two feet diggin’ in the dirt and moves forward. You also hear him mention music over school again.

Mirror Part 2
The first feature on the project comes by Young Scolla spitting some knowledge for the souls with some deep emotion. Oh yeah Bahama Beats is amazing. D. Julien speaks on things that hit home to myself such as; going to college, getting no help with scholarships, graduating with a good gpa but still not finding a job. They both get very political on this track.

Right Road
D. Julien lets you know from the beginning of this track that he is stressed out trying to finish the project. First he speaks on his relationship & music interfering with each other. Second verse he speaks on things that had been currently on his mind from his music direction, real/phony friends & more. In the chorus he is asking everyone in his life if he is headed on the right road… The track ends with voicemails from his manager & girl.

Over You
Break up track, speaking about how he wants to be with his chick but the stress is holding him back.

60 Minutes
My favorite track on the project (for obvious reasons, once you listen). I’ve never heard a 5 minute track switch emotions like this one…best way to explain is to say it is an emotional roller-coaster. D. Julien keeps it 1hunnit.

Hell of a Year
Over an uplifting beat from Clyde D. Julien anticipates having a ‘hell of a year/life’ & celebrating it even though he been down, been broke and been betrayed.

Slow Down
The title explains it all… D. lets gives the listeners a personal insight on his ‘fast life’ & getting a minute to reflect he notices he needs to slow down.

D tells the listeners to now worry about his past or presents problems, but get ready with him for the future. He gives thanks to those who have made his life the way it is in his verses & at the end of the track as the beat rides off. Right before the beat cuts off he reminds you he is READY FOR TOMORROW. This track is the anthem for the entire concept of the project.

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