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Most artists say their new album/mixtape is “highly anticipated.” Well, this one really was. Lots of people, including myself, have been waiting to hear this project. Kyle’s been hyping it as “his best work yet”, and is said to have put his all into this project. So, I was expecting big things.

Kyle did not disappoint in any way, shape, or fashion. “You’re Not That Special” is a well-thought out, and well-executed trip into Kyle Hubbard’s life & mind, from the good to bad. With (heavy) production from Djay Cas, along with Basement Beatz, DJ Corbett, and more, you won’t hear the same recycled beats. This is a real album, folks.

Kyle Hubbard has always been a very lyrical artist. On this album though, he ratcheted that shit up several notches. The lyrics are crazy. Not filler, as people that try to force multis often come up with. Solid bars. For instance:

“Not a pacifist, too passionate, a masochist, that mastered this, by walking on the path they label hazardous” Got damn. The album is full of lines like that.

‘Around the Way’ is a great Houston track, from a different perspective than most. Kyle, and Fullmetal F Dot who is featured on the track, bring their own style and message, while tying in the history of the city that paved the way for them.

‘A Brief Intermission’ is more of a spoken word track. As (I believe) Kyle Hubbard’s first interest was poetry, that makes a lot of sense, and it really fits the project. A very deep and reflective track. Makes you think and feel, as music should.

The album is just overall very authentic, original, and well put together. These are tracks just about anybody can relate to and vibe with. As I mentioned, the lyrics are beyond solid, and I do agree, Kyle’s best lyrical work to date. Another thing I like about this album, is that it’s mainly him. Not to many features, which some artists overdo. This album introduces you to Kyle Hubbard, in every way. His motivations, mis-steps, personal philosophies, etc.

In short, as a fan of hip-hop, this is a project you need in your life.

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  1. I was honestly surprised at the complexity of Kyle’s metaphores, analogies, and wit. He has what alot of people are missing today and its a shame but also true he isnt getting the recognition he deserves from 9.79 and major distributors. I beleive his music is quality and heartfelt, i enjoy the messages and the puns, most if not all of his ideas are completely genuine and true. Hip Hop today would be much better with less commercial hits and more Kyle Hubbards on the scene. His wit has undoubtedly been somewhat of an inspiration to many listeners and artists, including myself. I hope to see this dude go places beyond his own dreams in the future. Kyle if you do happen to read this… I think you definetly got what it takes to own the WHOLE Batman collection, mint condition and in plastics in a Mansion somewhere in River Oaks. Stay True and deticated and know its people like you who help each and every one of us realize our own capabilities.

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