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First off you can stream the album here.

Anomalysomething that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.

1. Outsider
Lecrae begins the album with an aggressive track. He states: “I really can’t tell if I’m overdressed or I’m underdressed/If I’m underpaid or just overstressed/If I’m cynical or just over this”. He doesn’t care what he is wearing because it doesn’t make him a better person/rapper. The song’s overall meaning is we need to focus on the LIGHT in life.

2. Welcome To America
Second track in we get a political track from Lecrae. He gives three verses with three different views of America. A black man dealing with the residual effects of slavery; a war veteran, failing to assimilate to civilian life; and a sweatshop worker from abroad, rejected in efforts to live in the same country as his employer

3. Say I Won’t
Featuring Andy Mineo. Lecrae and Andy tell you to tell them they won’t make good records and influence people through their style of rap. “I been a rebel since back in the day, I don’t follow the people/I follow the leader through valleys and shadows of death and I fearin’ no evil/So say I won’t do it, say I won’t turn the music up and get to it/Won’t come down H-Town all the way to their town/In the old school, drop top Buick”.

4. Nuthin
How crazy is it a song sampling ‘I Got Five On It’ dissing radio songs, is blowing up the radio? I LOVE IT.
“Here we go again in circles
I think I heard it all
We been here before
But we need something more
Something more
Something more
What you say
I can’t hear cause you”

This is my favorite song and also his first single…for a solid reason. Also my favorite lines…
“Tell me why the song’s on in my car (hear the radio)
Why the song on in my gym (what they saying now)
And the song’s stuck in my head (I can’t take no more)
I still don’t know what y’all saying”

5. Fear
He’s wondering if the world thinks that Lecrae is in it for the money and putting God in his rap is just to boost his demography, now he’s just watching and wondering what they think of him.

6. Anomaly
A little bit of ‘SpottieOttieDopaliscious’ in this record.
“I never said he was an outcast
In grade school, I was blastin’ my Outkast
And now pass on runnin’ to catch a route pass
Give me a pen and a pad I’ll try to outlast
All of my idols,”

Lecrae flashes back in time, then snaps back to recall his feeling on the rap game & inspires other anomalies to rise up!

7. Timepiece
Lecrae speaks on how material things cause us to miss out on things that really matter in life. A melodic approach.
“So my Rollie’s telling me to roll out
Make investments with my time while I’m tryna hold out, hold out
And fame, money, success be competing for my investments
But I can’t take ’em with me when it’s time for me to exit”

8. Dirty Water
I like that he chose a ‘trap’ type beat to rhyme over on the album.

9. Wish
A beautiful S1 produced track… Lecrae wishes to go back and change major moments/mistakes in life.

10. Runners
All about staying faithful. A cool upbeat track.

11. All I Need Is You
Produced By Dirty Rice & Joseph Prielozny, this beat will have your head nodding. Another radio track in which Lecrae stays true to not dumbing a track down.
“How did I fall in this?
No condition that get a mention but you offered this
Unconditional love, I swear I sell it all for this
I’m tryna keep it together, forgive my awkwardness
But umm, often this issue in me often is
Valley of shadows and I know they trying to pick me off in this
But all I need is you”

This song is another favorite of mine off the album.

12. Give In
Gawvi put in some work on the boards on this album. Another love track ready for the radio.

13. Good, Bad, Ugly
Lecrae talks about 2 different people struggling to cope with a traumatic experience.

The first is a young man who gets a girl pregnant and has to decide whether or not to ask her to abort the baby.

The second is a young boy who is molested by a babysitter as a child and tries to deal with the shame as he grows older.

14. Broken
Another heartfelt track. There are two lines I want to point out that will just grab you by the heart.
“Ain’t a soul on the planet that’s better than another/and we all need grace in the face of each other”.
“If we don’t swallow our pride, we gon’ choke together.”

15. Messengers
“We’ve got the power to life
I know that we make mistakes
Don’t let ’em keep you away
Mercy, love, and His grace
The reason we movin’ here
Speak out
Though we’ve never been qualified to do it
I ain’t earned it
I was loved into it
I’m brand new”

Lecrae with help of For King Country is calling all of God’s Children to stand up together and rejoice!

I find this album to be a brave move by Lecrae. One I’m glad he made. Great music with no contradictions. It’s oddball, but then again Lecrae is an “Anomaly” in the rap game.

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