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Good Ain’t Good Enough

Audra starts out with Audra leaving L.A.F.S. a voicemail about not speaking to him in a very long time. L.A.F.S. saying “I love you too” after her voicemail is the perfect opening to an album full of raw emotion. This song is all about L.A.F.S. explaining his hustle on the come up. The key thing to take away from the opening song is L.A.F.S. is tired of hearing about being GOOD, but he is aiming for GREATNESS. The song closes out with Audra telling him she is happy for the moves he has been making and encourages him to keep It up, although she would change a few things if she were his publicist.

Surreal To So Real

People are telling L.A.F.S. his ideas and dreams are surreal, his goal is to make them all SO REAL. Audra excerpt in the middle was her reminding him of his fortunes and she loves him.

Pull Up On You

This is the hardest song to explain my thoughts. I think it’s about all the times L.A.F.S. shut out his friends/family to work on his music so he can ‘make it’ aka pull up on you.

Exit 75

This hard hitting track just as L.A.F.S. just stylin’ on the city of Las Vegas..cue Exit 75 (downtown Vegas). A few of my favorite bars…

“If a nxgga ever said he fucked my girl
then she was never my girl to begin with, just a girl I was friends with
and just incase she hears this, this isn’t a diss miss
just know that you have been dismissed, the nerve of you…tisk tisk”

“they never open doors for me, I saw window of opportunity and I climbed through it
point to your favorite rapper name and I’ll put a line through it”

Audra comes in at the end telling L.A.F.S. to be honest with people and tell them he is way better than them don’t get mad at the hate…keep it moving.

Song Written About Girls

This song (written about girls) reminds me of Kendrick Lamar’s “No Make Up”. L.A.F.S. pointing out all the girls who are being materialistic. By the way…this is my favorite beat on the album. Audra just leaving a message at the end because he called her and didn’t leave one.

Nothings Changed

I’m just going to let Cartman sing “On Monday she’s a bitch, on Tuesday she’s a bitch, on Wednesday through Saturday she’s a bitch, then on Sunday just to be different she’s a super king kamaya-maya bee-atch!”

Fine Without You

The vulnerability L.A.F.S. displays is what keeps getting me to listen to this album over and album. He can be so simple with his songs, it’s complicated. Audra chimes in the middle about L.A.F.S. needing to forgive his father and she understands his pain but he needs to FORGIVE.
But Then….she hit him with one of the hardest-realest things I’ve ever heard “you can’t believe every thought you have”

Lost It

Audra starts out the song a little angry he hasn’t replied to her calls or texts but lets L.A.F.S. know she still loves him and most importantly God loves him.

This song is about L.A.F.S. losing a friend and shit is this beat hard hitting yet depressing. Then you have Audra speaking to him about suicide in the middle to add onto the realism of the song. “Just because you believe it…it isn’t true”, she hits him with another great one liner including the most emotional message on the album.

Apartment 222

My favorite song on the album. “I’m just tryna get on-on”.
Back to back tracks Audra speaks on suicide…even relating her own experiences of wanting suicide to his.

This song is the most vulnerable track on the album. Just HIT PLAY, and bring some tissues.


I keep thinking of what to say about this song…then I hear Audra quote the Bible “Things are only temporary…”

Then I go back to his first lines and it all makes sense

“She say she hates money, told her I hate it too
I just love all the places it could take us to”

He calls out the guy who plagiarized a song of his in a few bars also….but shrugs it off due to his lack of creativity. Furthermore explaining how “things are temporary” and you move past them to greater things.


The only song not produced by L.A.F.S., this one if by his brother Royce, who mixed the album. Audra opens it up caring for her “baby brother”.

I gather from this song…. Everyone is living the fast life “24/7”—how long the casinos and such are open in Las Vegas “702”…and This song is L.A.F.S. trying to appreciate all of the moments in life.

Above all and I think Love At First Sound wanted this to happen… Audra steals the shine at times. Audra makes me second guess how great of a big brother I am to my two little brothers…. She is the ideal older sibling. L.A.F.S. took her messages and created songs…at least that’s what I would like to think. I hope all of these voicemails are real and not curated for the project. The vulnerability & raw emotion are to be admired and respected. I love everything about this album.

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