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This week’s review is on Mike Ro’s – Dirty Jobs. The project’s intro opens beautifully as Mike is heard to be “working late”, due to rappers wearing tight jeans and doing too much dancing. Funny indeed. As the project progresses, the main thing that catches my attention is how easy it is to listen to. The songs seem to float from one to another even though many of them have long breaks at the end where there’s nothing going on but music playing. His style is very consistent in every song and he sticks to the subject at hand. Most rappers have a very hard time with this. Mike Ro doesn’t.

There’s also something else that stands out about Mike though. This dude sounds exactly like Lil Wayne. He even says “Ughhh… that’s gross” on a song called “Take yo Bitch”. Interesting. The subject matters cover topics like grinding, riding fly, smoking, partying etc. Even though this seems like cliché topics, they are very entertaining to listen to. The beats are nice, features fit, vocals are crisp and on point.

All in all. Mike Ro’s Dirty Jobs is full of catchy music for party heads and captains of the football team. Songs like “I hope I make it home”, “Shoulders Back”, and “I’ll take yo bitch” will never leave your mind after you hear them. Did I mention that he sounds like Lil Wayne. He’s not much of a lyricist full of metaphors and aggressive rhyme schemes because he’s too busy getting his point across.

Grade: B

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