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‘Understand This’ is one of the latest from Houston rapper Renzo. If you follow our ‘REUPSpot Live‘ series, you have most likely heard his music, and seen some live performances. (If not, for sure check out the ‘Drinkin & Drivin‘ live video, classic shit.)

The tape starts with a short intro, which is pretty cool and introduces the CD well. You sort of get a feel for what is to come. The thing that I really like overall about Renzo’s music, is it’s just some quality, grown folks music. He discusses real topics and issues that he, and others, deal with in every day life.

The song ‘Stupid Broad’ is a typical Renzo song, talking about real life and sharing common sense advice. The chorus is hilarious also. (A take on the popular “Super Star” song) Next up is the local hit, ‘Drinkin and Drivin’. This is for sure aimed at the drinkers, which I personally am one. If your a drinker, your going to love this song.

On Drinking and Driving, as with most of Renzo’s songs, he also sings the hook. Now, I’m a terrible judge of singing. I generally dislike singing, so I’m not the best to speak on the quality of someones voice. That being said, I’d say his voice is decent. So he probably won’t be the next American Idol, but the choruses will be catchy and original.

‘Get To High’ talks about always staying grounded. (Though based on the title, I thought it was going to be something else.) Good track. One of my personal favorites is “For Yoself”, which talks about people looking at themselves before blaming everyone else for their problems. (Though, I wish he had as much energy on the recorded track as he does when performing this song live.) He also has a track dedicated to his Wife, which is cool, and generally not something seen in Hip-Hop.

Overall, if your a fan of honest music with an actual message or point, and a sense of humor, I’d suggest checking out Renzo’s “Understand This”. And if your in Houston, come check him out live in concert at the Killafornianz CD Release Party, this Friday March 25th @ Walters on Washington. (Doors Open @ 8pm) We’ll be there to cover the show.

Download a Copy of the Mixtape from Renzo’s Bandcamp

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