Review: Rodd.D – Hangar31

Rodd.D stays true to his roots on this project backed by soulful production by Skyz Muzik (award-winning producer, who has been credited for working with artists such as Kanye West, Drake, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Styles P and more!). By saying “true to his roots”, I mean Rodd.D displays his love for the south (you can hear the hospitality and sincerity in his songs), his faith in God and his love for his family and friends! He is to not be out shined by the amazing production though, as he brings great and joyful lyrics throughout the entire project.

“A hangar as we know it stores the plane… 31 represents me, my gang and everything we believe in… Hangar31 represents the takeoff.” Rodd.D

Through all the fake shxt in the industry and all of his mistakes, Rodd.D just wants to stick to his guns and spit some REAL shxt. That’s exactly what he does on the intro to Hangar 31. Prepare for takeoff.

One Time:
Lovely sample. Skyz Muzik got some production to fall in love with.
“Can I keep it cool, one time…just a little”. The hook explains this track to a T.

“one of a kind my style they can’t clone it, if you got a dream boy you better get up on it, back when I was at the web I was caught up in the moment, had a dream I was king… write about it in the mornin’”

First Class:
Speaks about taking care of his people that have been there during his come up and then the track takes a turn to his infatuation with money. 2nd verse is explained in the lines “I’m faded, misguided, little anxious, shit gold, piss greatness, still jaded, X-rated like sex tape is, not X-rated like ya local doctor…next patient.”

First thought was THIS BEAT BANGS. Rodd.D is sure to not let the beat drown out his capabilities though. This is my personal favorite track. He touches down on some politics and a few of his lowest life moments. Through these moments though Rodd.D perseveres through it all. “This shit ugly but I’m gorgeous nxgga”. This line is the beginning of Rodd.D’s disappointment in the recent Hip Hop love of “TURN UP”.

What Kinda Luv:
A soulful backdrop as Rodd.D spits about relationship problems. But he still drops some one liners to walk away with. “So I slide in-diana like them Pacers do”.

Toast To Life:
Man this is some shxt Little Brother would be spittin’ on. This track is celebrating good life keeping it soulful!
“Picture perfect like a nxgga got the frame on pause”.
“Hell of a nxgga but I’m praying to the Heavens”.

“Nothin’ sweeter than getting’ even with beatin’ the odds”.
Damn, Rodd.D dropping some political knowledge on this one. Touching on topics such as family, gas, school, government & the “system”. He also lets you know MarlboroCounty and his team is on his back as they continue to grow and head towards a legacy full of success.

Qwes (BONUS):
“That 9 to 5 ain’t shit, that slave money”.
This quote explains the track a lot. He is speaking about chasing dreams and never stopping until you reach them. He also touches on his love for family, friends & God!.

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