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Today’s review is on Everything Ain’t Enough by Authentic Snoopy. On first listen I can see that Snoopy concentrates more on content rather than technique. He’s not looking to outrap your favorite rapper with ridicoulous rhyme schemes and wordplay. This is straight forward rapping. “Ain’t no I in team/ Bow down nigga cause there is an I in King”. This is a line from the second track on the cd called ‘On My Throne’.

A line like this is okay when it’s delivered with more confidence. I would expect more of these throughout the project. Lines that would have been good if they were delivered with more confidence. Since Snoopy is all content, there needs to be more personality embedded in the lyrics themselves. His voice is tolerable, which is a very good asset, but lyrics become two times more important when you take away the technique. Subject matter of the song is also a missing link in this project. I have no clue what to tell people when they ask me what subjects were rapped about on the CD. A standout track was ‘Hello’. But it served as an intro placed toward the end of the project.

In an effort to be less critical, I will discontinue the rest of the analysis and get down to the nitty gritty. I can see Snoopy getting better with time but the Everything Ain’t Enough project is a mediocre offering to the people that deserved a lot more attention before being released. I would suggest more focus on clever punchlines or an emphasis on personality. I learned little about Snoopy except that he raps. I didn’t remember much about what was heard 5 minutes after the song was over except for the hook to “skating”. All in all, I expect more from Snoopy in the future but Everything Ain’t Enough wasn’t it.

Grade: D+

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