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Todays review is for the mixtape Black Diamonds & Red Lambos from Frankie G Da Mex. The CD opens up very hard with a verse over the Red Nation beat. “That’s why I’m riding through the hood wit no strap/ That’s why they riding 5 deep wit no gat.” When I heard this song I automatically knew I would enjoy this cd. It was all Delivery. Another standup track from the project was the flow from Devil in a dress. He didn’t have much time, but it was enough to tell a story about a chick that was ended up blindly falling in love wit the rap life. It was more about how he moved through the verse and painted the picture more than the rhyme scheme and/or wordplay.

This seems to be Frankie G’s strength as the mixtape progresses. Since this is a mixtape, it doesn’t have many songs with hooks on it so it’s only fair to judge it by its verses. “I can throw up on the floor and sound better than you” Awesome. The mix tape was filled with verses about how awesome he was compared to the other folks in his neighborhood and the best lines he would use on the women he meets in passing. All verses are delivered without too much complication or cryptic language. Metaphors are out the windows and thank God that there was no hash tag rap involved.

In the end, Black Diamonds & Red Lambos introduced me to who Frankie G was. What did I find out. He really likes talkin to women in his song and he’s not much lyrically. His strength is telling stories and sticking to subjects. He rarely just spits a verse about nothing which is good for an EP or album, but not for a mixtape. What it DID do is make me want to hear what he sounds like when he’s actually writing full out songs. There was also times where he stumbles over words and has to catch up to get on beat. That threw me off while listening as well. When you’re a delivery rapper, like Slim Thug which he reminds me of, you have to make sure your verses are flawless. I would want him to spend more time on this to be a better rapper. Only impressed by the content of the verses and tone of voice. Looking forward to full projects in the future.

Grade: C+

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