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Today’s review will be on Ill Faded’s – A Faded Love Story. This is a Valentine’s day themed project. This is not the kind of project that was slapped together at the last minute. You’ve seen artist put together a bunch of songs and call it the Valentine’s day project. Then you listen to it and it has nothing to do with Valentines day or the artist is waay out of their element. That’s not what this is.

This is a dedication to Valentines day through song. The project opens up about being mesmerized with someone. “So Addicted” is so smooth it’s almost haunting. In a good way though. It reminded me of The Love Below how a story was forming. It makes it difficult to find your favorite tracks because all of the songs seem to blend together seamlessly. That kinda messes up this review process a little.

Instead of searching for the coldest lyrics or the most awesome song, I’m more concerned with if the overall sound is great. Did they pull it off? Did Ill Faded manage to document a love story without sounding out of place. Progressing the project brought out many different artists. I have no clue how many people there are in Ill Faded, but it seems they have all shapes and sizes. They have a slew of rappers and some singers that bring a very Dungeon Family vibe in. I would call it groovy. For instance, “You” is a about being madly in love with someone while “I do it for you” is about being remorseful about letting her go. Even though they are both explaining two different feelings, the same groovy vibe is kept on both tracks.

What’s wrong with it you ask? I’m sure a choir director would want to pick apart some of the singing that was done but the singing is tolerable. Very D’Angelo style. Subtle. The biggest issue I caught was the rapping. At times, the rappers weren’t able to stick with the topic of the song that was being listened to. A great example was on “Do you feel it” where Young Sensation jumps on and off topic. It almost sounded like a freestyle at some points. And I was very very glad when the hook came back in.

Aside from this extremely minor detail, I think this project was creative and pleasing to the ear. If you ever wanted to share some music with your girl and let her know you have a sensitive side without feeling like you’re giving up your masculinity, this is the project to share. I would only ask to monitor the verses more carefully and make sure they stick to the subject. I’m anxious to see what else Ill Faded has in store.

Grade: A

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