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Today’s review will be over J-Stringzz project entitled Musically Inclined Vol. 1. As soon as the project starts, something is very apparent about J-Stringzz. He is, what I like to call, radio ready. Non-threatening. Not boasting about being the best rapper in the world. Instead, he concentrates on songs and songs only. His tone is middle ground. Not hard enough to be thrown in the ring but not soft enough to be considered a “soft” rapper. Radio ready. Like album Fabolous or album Cassidy. An immediate standout track from the project is called “Get it Myself”. The song is self-explanatory, but the concept of the song and its delivery gives me the feeling that I’m listening to the radio. It was more like a motivational speech that a woman would listen to after she kicked her man out of the house on the way to work the next day.

There’s also a fair amount of singing on this cd as well. So much that I’m thinking that some of it may be him. If it is him, or if it isn’t, it’s impressive for one reason or another. If it is him, the voice sounds totally different and he’s really talented at making catchy songs. If it isn’t him, it’s impressive that he called on the same person to be on most of his tracks. Reminds me of how Rob Sneider’s appearances Adam Sandler movies. You also learn a lot from his personality in his songs. There is the undeniable need to succeed song that most rappers have but instead of having the 1 song for the women, he has like 10. Breakup songs, I love you songs, You should leave him for me songs, etc. All of these songs make the project great for driving around the town running errands with a lady friend of your choice. Not really meant for background noise at football games.

All in all, J-Stringzz is a relationship rapper with a need to succeed. He has the tools. He can control himself on the microphone and is comfortable with rapping slow or fast. His songwriting skills, or connections, can carry him to the ears of the masses without any problem. He caters mainly to the women and they buy records. The only issue I took was with some of the singing on the records. Some things seemed out of tune and not pleasing to the ear. Although this is a hip hop blog, in his case, I would also consider the singing worthy of being judged on the project’s likeability since there was so much of it. Send him to the radio and give him, or his connection, some singing lessons and we have a star. Would he be considered one of the illest lyricist alive? Nope. Will he make a bunch of money and put the city on the map the way that Nelly did for St. Luis. Yup. Check the music out.

Grade: A

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