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This weeks review is over London Wilson’s Bad Habits 2. First thing that strikes me is that London has an awesome rap name and sounds like he’s not from Houston. I’m not talkin about how rappers always say, “I don’t rap like anyone from Houston.” I’m talkin about this dude’s accent, when he’s talking, doesn’t sound like he’s from Houston. But that’s almost irrelevant. What is relevant is that London has the one liners. You can guarantee at least 2 quotable one liners from each song on the project.

That’s a big deal. Some Examples: “Remember me like the Alamo”, “Ya frame of mind too small for the big picture”. And those two were from the same song. Even though his rhymes are his strength, this is not a project filled with endless bars about how awesome he is. He also has songs about relationships. Songs about how awesome he is. Songs about haters. Songs about girls jockin. Etc. It’s not so much about the songs itself being amazing. It’s the thought pattern and delivery of the verses throughout the songs that is.

All in all, London has one liners that will keep any hip hop head intrigued. This is “Everybody shut up and wait for the punchline” rap. “Need more Oprah’s, Michelle Obama’s, and Queen Latifah’s”; nice. By the way things sound, it seems flawless right? Nope. Features sound pasted together. There were times when I cringed at a chorus or a feature, due to the quality not being in sync. Even though that doesn’t sound like a big deal, it is when you’re the person that has to listen to the music.

I would guess that each person used their own studio to record; shouldn’t do that again. London has the rapping down. Even his guests had their rapping or singing down. Now it’s time to work on consistency so the world can enjoy the music the way it’s supposed to be.

Grade: B+

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