Reviews By Timmay: Mr. Luke – It’s My Turn

This week’s review is going to be on Mr. Luke’s latest release called “It’s My Turn”. The project immediately dives into an intro that proves two points. He’s serious about the stuff he says. And he’s a grown ass man. The delivery throughout the CD is very solid and has a very Killer Mike/Ice Cube vibe that demands attention. Very aggressive and in your face style that says “You think I’m playin don’t you?”. He’s also very much in love with his hometown of Houston, TX as he announces on almost every song one way or another.

Notable tracks are “Like a winner”, “StoryTeller”, and what I call “The Temptation song”, where he tries not to knock down his ex while his girl is out. The overall listen is enjoyable but, some of the verses on “It’s my turn” were very redundant and didn’t have much substance to them. Which is really weird because some of them start off so well and fade into obscurity. For instance, in “Like a Winner” he tells this very personal story that grasps the listener, but the second verse is about……..nothingness. Disappointing.

All in all, I think that Mr. Luke’s release has some good subjects but, at some sections, lacks the type of cohesiveness that it takes to gain return listens. His voice and delivery are on point and are very attention-grabbing. He also has a knack for making some really good records. I would just ask for more consistency throughout the project and cohesiveness throughout each individual song. I leave some songs with, “What the fuck was he trying to tell me right there?” This sounded like his first time out the gate, but he’s definitely coming strong. We’ll see how he evolves over time.

Grade C+

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