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Richie Roc’s Thinking Out Load Vol. 2 is an easy listen. Comfortable delivery. He keeps things simple and easily relatable. Definitely some driving and/or backyard bar b que music. I didn’t feel like Richie Roc was trying to outrap any of the other emcees, he just wanted to keep the party moving. A very rare occasion in this new underground scene.

Richie is nowhere near predictable though. He touches on all types of subjects throughout Thinkin Out Load Vol. 2. There’s even a track that starts with a Martin Luther King sample where he dives into his views on the current state of the world as he sees it. Notable tracks are Look at me, Supafly, Back up in it, Get up, and Reason Why. “She playin hard ball wit the game I kick”….nice line.

All in all, Thinking out Loud Vol. 2 is a nice body of work to drive to Galveston to. Don’t worry about frowning up your face because some crazy punchline. Instead, trade that for an easy listen. A battle rap lyrical genocide rapper may not respect it, but his lady friends will so he needs to play it. And I don’t mean that in a “Racks on Racks” way. More like a Fabulous hit single way. Keeping it hip hop, but not so damn complicated.

Only issue I took with the project was that there were times when Richie slid off beat and it threw me off. I found myself having to catch myself in mid head bob to get back on track. Don’t get intimidated by the amount of songs on the playlist with 27 tracks because most of the songs are about 2 and a half minutes. There’s even some snippets from the last Thinking Out Loud Vol. 1. His music isn’t life changing but it’s enjoyable to the casual listener.

Grade: B-

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