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Today’s write up is over Young Genocide’s – ‘Commander in Chief’ project. The short version of the review goes like this. Young Genocide is good at what he does. He has a head full of punch lines and metaphors that he uses to glide over his tracks. His delivery cruises over the beats instead of pushing the beats around. He’s not trying to out rap anyone, even though his verses show that he can clearly do that.

Even with all these weapons at his disposal, Genocide chooses to put together great songs about himself in a very interesting way. There are a million rappers in the world. One of the main things that distinguishes the superstars from the hobbyist is them being interesting. Genocide’s delivery and storytelling allows an interesting look at life through the eyes of a boy becoming a man and building his foundation. He has a song where he talks about not wanting to be involved in street life and choosing one girl instead of playing the field. Who brags about that and can still keep their street credibility? Young Genocide does.

All in all, Young Genocide is one of the great artists in our city who deserves to be heard. His delivery is solid, his verses stick to the subject, and he’s interesting. What’s the bad part you ask? Sound quality. The mix and master on many of the songs make some of the features sound pasted together instead of one cohesive project.

A good example has to be the song he has with an R & B artist where I had no clue what the singer was saying during one portion of the hook because it everything was clashing into each other. Somebody PLEASE let Young Genocide use your studio if it’s high quality and give him proper mix and mastering services. He is a starter, now treat him like one and listen to his project.

Grade: A-

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